Temp Fade Haircuts for Men 2023

Temp fade is just a short form for temple fade. These hairstyles are trending right now and disrupting the regular haircuts for men this year. Also known as ‘blow out,’ ‘line up,’ or ‘box fade, the temp fade haircuts encompass cutting the hairline in a rectangular shape.

And what do you get? A stunningly well-defined haircut that will command the attention of anyone around you. One or two of these haircuts will inspire you. Find more info here to get an in-depth understanding of temple fade haircuts.

How to Cut Your Own Hair At Home for Men: Steps & Tips

Temp Fade Low Haircut

When you decide to rock temp fade haircuts, the best way to rock is to go low. This is possible when you opt for the low fade cut to outline the haircut’s bottom part. It will not appear too flashy, and it will only add the correct amount of dimension and definition to your look.

Short Blowout Cut

The lovely part about the temple fade hairstyle is that it looks great for any length of hair. So regardless of the hair length, you have, short or super short, you will get a haircut to rock your looks. Ask your stylist to contour your hairline with any shape, preferably a rectangular shape, mostly associated with temple fade. The outcome will be stunning.

Temple Fade with Afro

If you always rock afros, you can agree that you find it comfortable to wear temp fade haircuts. You can wear your fro and incorporate the fade without having to change your hairstyle. In short, you can comfortably wear the best fade cuts without interfering with your afro.

Skin Fade Hairstyle

Are you looking for a more magical impact on your haircut? Blend your temple fade haircut with the skin fade. Also called razor fade or bald fade, the skin fade hairstyle encompasses entirely shaving the lower part of your head. However, the gradient of the fade cut is maintained at the top.

Slicked Back Box Fade

You can match slicked back hair with a fade. This looked can be achieved regardless of whether you have long or short hair. It is a classic look that you would like once you try it for your looks.

High Temple Fade

If you are looking for a pop haircut, then you should consider getting this high temple fade. The name of this hairstyle explains everything you have to do to get this cut. Yes, your guess is right. The fade is started at a higher level on your head. As a result, the entire style is more pronounced.

Two Shade Temple Fade Haircut

Some of the trendiest temple fade haircuts in 2018 incorporate the use of colors. To be brief, you can choose to include an additional hair hue to match your natural hair color. That sounds like it needs an expert; no, it is simple as long as you get the right colorist.

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