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Awesome Things to do in Massachusetts, USA

There are some everyday things to do in Massachusetts, USA. Some tourists love the trodden route, while others find it corny. You could visit the capital cities of Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, Lowell, Brockton, New Bedford, Quincy, Lynn, or Fall River. You may have planned a multicity trip, or you could be destined for one of the less populated cities in the most populous state of New England. Beyond the imperative things to do in Massachusetts lie the rather quaint experiences you may not indulge in elsewhere. Many of these places and incidents are indeedating for those visiting the state for the first time.

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The Traditional Hotspots for Tourists in Massachusetts, USA

Without getting into any ranking or chronological order, the traditional hotspots for tourists in the state are Norman Rockwell Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, Old Sturbridge Village, Hancock Shaker Village, The Clark Art Institute, The House of the Seven Gables, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Fenway Park, Boston Public Garden, Tanglewood, Museum of Fine Arts, Whaling Museum, Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Hocus Pocus Tours, Lizzie Borden House, and Breakfast Museum, The Printing Office of Edes & Gill, Adams National Historical Park, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Jenney Museum, MIT Museum, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch. The most important historical attraction is the Freedom Trail. It is enticing and riveting for history buffs.

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Amazing Things to do in Massachusetts, USA

Tourists who love to venture beyond the trodden path and experience the relatively unexplored should begin with the Mapparium in Boston, Witch House in Salem, Warren Anatomical Museum in Boston, State Hospital in Danvers, or Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston. An aquarium is a glass globe dating back to 1935. It is simply enormous. The Witch House in Salem is infamous for its association with the witchcraft trials dating back to 1692. Warren Anatomical Museum houses the skull of Phineas Gage. The State Hospital in Danvers served as the inspiration for Arkham Asylum. The horrifying condo is a hotbed of horror stories. Forest Hills Cemetery is relatively more scenic than the hospital. It is a miniature village and is a great remnant of the Victorian era.

You could shop at Bodega in Boston, explore many of the two thousand artifacts at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, unearth the secret in Boston Athenaeum Skin Book, and spend a night at the haunted Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and Museum. Don’t miss the vintage coffee at Caffe Vittoria. It is the oldest of its kind in Boston. The Ether Dome, Old Burying Grounds, Emperor’s Garden Restaurant, Ancient Crypt, and Edgar Allan Poe Square are the other amazing places to visit in Boston.

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If you plan to be in Gloucester, visit the Hammond Castle Museum. If you go to Somerville, then the Museum of Bad Art would be an amazingly awful experience. If you are in Salem, you should swing by Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery. Even if you are not planning to be at Manchester by the Sea, you should prepare some time to be at Singing Beach. You may or may not have loved the namesake movie, but you will be curious when you hear the singing sound caused by the friction among the grains of sand at the beach.

Forbes Pigment Collection, Museum of Modern Renaissance, Kelleher Rose Garden, House of the Seven Gables, Salem Village Witchcraft Victims Memorial, Dogtown & Babson Boulder Trail, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Bash Bish Falls, Medfield State Hospital, The Edward Gorey House, Eyrie House Ruins, The Mysterious Witch Bonney and Echo Bridge should be the other top draws on your list of awesome things to do in Massachusetts.

Coolest Things to do in Massachusetts

Foodies and those not afraid of embarking on an uncertain but gastronomically delightful experience should consider visiting Sugar on Snow, indulge in some maple sap, and satiate the need for dessert at Coffee Gelatin, where the star is leftover coffee and jello. Try some canned bread and birch beer. Grab a Moxie and treat yourself to some clambake. Gorge on chow mein sandwich, fluffernutter, rock candy, whistle belly vengeance, and Necco wafers. If you want to use it back home or just as a souvenir, buy a salt cellar along the way.

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Massachusetts has a long history. While the colonial past is oft-spoken and quite evident across New England, the region is also known for its association with Native American tribes and cultures. It is also the birthplace of the Yankees. Massachusetts is named after a tribe called Massachusett, a Native American ethnic group that inhabited much of the eastern parts of the state and present-day New England. There is a lot of history and culture spanning the entire state. Some surprises lurk across all major cities, and you would not be disappointed even if you chart an unscripted journey. The state also hosts a plethora of events throughout the year. You can check the dates when traveling, bag some tickets, or attend some of the recurring extravaganzas.

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