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3 Reasons Why Cars Mean So Much to American Culture

While it might seem light-years away, the future of seeing self-driving cars on the road exclusively may be just around the corner. The technology is constantly being updated, and auto manufacturers worldwide are investing billions to ensure their place in a future that’s a “when,” not an “if.”

Whether you view autonomous driving positively or not, a future where society becomes self-reliant on technology for all transportation needs will surely make those who enjoy being behind the wheel appreciate what little time and opportunity they may have left.

American Culture

Of course, for decades, driving has evoked a sense of freedom and independence, like our cars, trucks, and SUVs can take us anywhere we desire, with nothing but our skills navigating the road.

Is it nostalgic and overly poetic? Probably. But does the traditional car still matter? Absolutely. Here are three reasons why your vehicle issues most.

1. A Workshop of Skills

Excluding the most high-end, modern vehicles that only see professional maintenance and repair, many young motorists earn their mechanical chops on their cars.

Switching out tires, changing out motor oil, and diagnosing issues that tend to pop up can help anyone learn and build upon the basic skills that seem to be diminishing with each generation. Once autonomous cars are the standard, they will likely depend on computers so complex that only licensed mechanics can fix them.

Pro tip: With more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube, ChrisFix is one of the more popular channels for DIY car maintenance and repair enthusiasts.

2. Customized to Reflect Ourselves

Our cars make a statement, like the clothes on our backs or the shoes on our feet. And like our clothes and shoes, we can customize them to reflect our personalities. Adore The Fast and Furious franchise? Then you have likely considered adding a rear wing and underbody lighting kit to your Honda Civic Type-R.

Decked out in Patagonia gear and love the outdoors? Slap on some rock sliders and all-terrain tires so your truck can conquer the trail. The cars of tomorrow will likely all look like BMW i3s, but today’s vehicles are all yours for customizing.

Pro tip: Off-roaders, heads up. Know the difference between all-terrain and all-season tires before buying a new set.

3. A-Tech Home Away from Home

Between the analog car cabins of yesterday and the fully autonomous (and possibly steering wheel-less) cabins of tomorrow, we’re certainly living in a sweet spot. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, oversized Tesla touchscreens, and more make the inside of new cars feel more like Jarvis from Ironman.

Now that smartphones are a staple of everyday life, young drivers demand a seamless transition while using technology, from their own palms and wireless headsets to BlueTooth capabilities inside their vehicles.

Pro tip: If you drive an older vehicle without Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you can buy an aftermarket unit for a few hundred dollars (check with your dealer to ensure it’s compatible).

Treasure That Nostalgia While You Still Can

Cars have always symbolized freedom and independence, but they also represent control. Only you can tell a vehicle where to go when your hands are on the wheel.

There aren’t many things like that left in the world, and when autonomous cars become the standard, we will have one less freedom. Treasure that space on the road.


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