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Sicily: The Island where History, Culture, and Luxury merge Together

Sicily is one of the Mediterranean islands that offers the most demanding travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a universe of luxury, culture, characteristic natural landscapes such as the Mediterranean scrub, unrepeatable food, and wine experiences. We are talking about the possibility of living a dream holiday.

There are many possibilities like Sicily villa rentals with pool and at the same time, enjoy the view of land rich in world heritage monuments, transforming a trip into a fairy tale.

Luxury merge Together


Precious wines, ancient recipes, and high-quality food will make your trip to Sicily unforgettable. Italy is famous for these elements, but let’s not exaggerate by telling you that Sicily is perhaps the region in the Peninsula that captures each of these elements’ best aspects. Sicily merges them and offers anyone who visits it an experience of the senses without previous. Sicily’s scents, flavors, and views are the most incredible that can be found in the Mediterranean Sea.

What makes Sicily so unique is that its wonders show from east to west despite being a vast land. The legendary Taormina is famous for its caponata and Pasta Alla Norma inspired by the Etna volcano. Palermo is the queen city in Italy for the luxury pastry in which the cassata is a delicious dessert. Marsala, the land of DOC wines that are exported worldwide, is a city envied worldwide for the quality and extreme luxury offered by its products.


Palermo, the most important city in Sicily, is a city symbol and world example for architecture and the maximum expression of Baroque and modern arts. Palermo’s city is known for the immense culture that has passed through it: shining examples of experience in art, literature, jurisprudence, and architecture have all passed through the Sicilian city and have left incredible testimonies, which can still be visited. Anyone that visits Palermo will have the good fortune to admire works of immense historical value, such as those made by Girolamo Bagnasco.

Of immense architectural interest, we also underline the Church of San Gioacchino, the Church of Santa Maria di Valverde The Church of the Santissimo Salvatore, the Church of the Conception Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto, the Church of San Domenico.

These are the six most important and significant churches of Sicilian art’s prosperous heritage, which characterizes their rare beauty views. But Palermo has much more to offer.


Sicily was, among other cities on the Italian Peninsula, the greatest exponent of the art of ancient, contemporary, and modern world history. Although gigantic and subjected over the years of different dominations (Arab, Norman, Spanish), Sicily has preserved and indeed cultivated and enhanced an immense capacity for theatrical expression.

From Palermo to Ragusa, from Messina To Taranto, it is possible to find an infinite number of theaters of any era (from Greek to Roman, from modern to contemporary). It is impossible to get bored or not to be enriched again. Sicily is a land for those who want to live an unforgettable experience. It’s not over yet: You will be interested to know that Sicily was also a land of cinema and television: in fact, the famous and historic Gattopardo and the police commissioner Montalbano was filmed, so if you love Cinema and Television, book your ticket for Sicily as soon as possible.

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