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An Honest Review of CouponBirds

Today, I will review one of the sites that offer coupons and discounts. It is a rapidly growing company that was established in 2012, but it has shown outstanding results in terms of growth and improvement. Its name is

CouponBirds: Real Time Coupon & Deals Discovery EngineHow the Site Was Developed

The developers stated that the idea of CouponBirds came to them in 2012. They got tired of complicated coupon sites. It took ages to stop on the deal you wanted finally, and even then, you had to register, watch, or do something else to receive the coupon. So, after finding some help, they’ve decided to do something about it. The most logical way was to make their own simple, understandable web pages where you could browse and choose the trending offers without the hassle of selecting and browsing too much. The development of their business plan and the site was finished by 2015, and they’ve started their coupon trade. Just a trickle at first, the clients began to use their site. A good marketing strategy and a will to improve got them over 2.5 million users and 100,000 companies with many offers. They didn’t stop there. Right now, the site is still growing, and they’ve managed to strike their affiliate deals with more than 50,000 companies.


The statistics suggest that CouponBirds gets about 700,000 visits per month, 24,000 per day on average, with around 7 thousand unique users, which brings it to an upper echelon of the US websites ( not just coupons, all the websites). Its rating is around 4000, making it fairly popular considering the number of domains registered in the US.

The Main Layout of the Site

The main advantage of CouponBirds is its simplicity and 100% commercial-free. If you don’t have time to choose from millions of deals, the site is the best choice for you. There is a list of the top offers; then there is a special list according to a current event and another for free shipping deals. The major players, such as Walmart, Panda Express, and Jostens, offer sales there.


CouponBirds categories are mostly distributed by the shops that offer their services there. Apart from that, CouponBirds has some exclusive deals. Those can be sorted by the respective wares ( accessories, art, clothing, electronics, entertainment, food, restaurants, health, home, etc.). The same gradation is applied to the free shipping deals. Also, you can always look up holiday coupons at the site’s footer.


The CouponBirds staff provides the majority of the offers. They do much work to find new shops and services and strike deals with them to get the client’s best offers. The result is that they have a whole category for exclusive offers. In addition to that, the staff provides free shipping offers for the comfort of the client. And finally, the best thing is that you can submit your deal. Say you are starting a cafe and want to promote your services. Add a coupon to CouponBirds for free without spending money on the advertising campaign.

Receiving the Coupons

One of the main competitive edges of CouponBirds, in my opinion, is the absolute simplicity of obtaining the coupon. A lot of websites want you to register and create an account. I am wasting some time filling up info boxes to get constant spam to your e-mail later. CouponBirds doesn’t have Social media. Nowadays, it is impossible to exist as an online marketing company without social media. It’s just too good an instrument for promotion purposes. So, CouponBirds doesn’t deviate from the trend. Their Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram accounts will notify you about the newest coupons.


There is still some advertisement when you click on the coupon. A new window with the advertised page opens in another tab. At least it doesn’t pop over the current one, so you can easily close the page without looking at the ad site.” I want to explain that that pop-up window is not a commercial window, but the product or the brand’s official site; it opened in the meantime as the coupon code so that consumers could find how to apply the code and they do not need to open the product-deals page themselves, you can have a try. All the coupon sites do the same. You can have a go.


All in all, I’d say that CouponBirds is one of the sturdy, efficient players on the market. It isn’t as big as the giants who had started much earlier and established a large clientele, but it’s going in that direction. They are getting new companies to submit new affiliate programs for exclusive offers, making them worth looking into. If you don’t have much time to browse and hate all the pop-ups, then CouponBirds will suit your tastes!

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