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Simple Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Home Business CX

Home businesses are competing with the big boys and large corporations in the market. Despite not having an abundance of money and resources, small and medium businesses are more flexible in catering to their customers and adapting to market changes. At the same time, new instruments like digital marketing make it easy for home businesses to reach their potential customers.

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The customer experience (CX) you deliver as part of your home business operations is what will set you apart from the competition. The more you can personalize your home business CX, the more customers will feel at home and comfortable whenever they do business with you, and the more loyal they will be in return. To get started, here are some of the personal touches you can add right away.

Tweak Your Greetings

Many digital marketing instruments now have tools that allow you to customize your main content and key messages based on the users you want to reach. This is a great opportunity to customize how you interact with customers (and potential customers) online.

Instead of sending a generic newsletter to all recipients, for example, you can now tailor your newsletter to certain customer groups or individual customers. You can also do the same with your product recommendations and other parts of your eCommerce website.

The simplest thing to begin with, however, is tweaking the way you greet customers. Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and other digital marketing instruments, you can greet customers how they personally want to be greeted; this small change will make a huge impact.

Don’t Forget Offline Interactions.

Many home businesses, especially eCommerce businesses, focus so much on the online interactions with customers that they often neglect the handful of offline interactions they still make with the same customers. Micro-moments like the moment customers receive their orders still matter.

Adding personal touches to these micro-moments can produce an even bigger impact. It shows that you really care about how customers experience your products and their interactions with your business. Small touches can turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer nonetheless.

Adding a custom return address and a personal note customized for that customer are some of the things you want to try. Like tweaking your digital marketing efforts, these too can be automated with rolled address labels and good CRM software.

Pay Attention to Detail

There are other things – personal touches – you can add to the customer experience, but the important thing to remember is to pay close attention to detail. How you interact with customers on social media, the aftersales service you offer, and how you respond to complaints and negative comments can all make customers’ interactions with your business more pleasant and personalized.

Now that you have these tips and tricks, you too can personalize your business CX and win the heart of more customers. It won’t be long before customers start seeing your business as a business they thoroughly enjoy interacting with; at that point, those customers will be more than happy to promote you to more potential customers.

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