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Why Phones Overheat and What You Can Do About It

These days, phones have become a necessity for everyone. A huge number of people are always glued to their phones. Gone are the days when you could use a phone only to call and text someone. Now, you can play fun games, use the Internet, and even fulfill some of your tasks for work on your smartphone.

For most people, a broken phone is a big no-no. We’ve become so dependent on such a technology that we want a quick fix for broken phones. Thankfully, many technicians in Salt Lake City know how to remedy your problem.

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Overheating is one of the common issues any mobile user can encounter. Different reasons can cause this. A phone can get too hot if you’re using it too frequently, which causes the battery to work overtime. Overcharging, exposure to high temperatures, and playing too many games can also cause it to overheat. If your phone overheats, you can try to do the following before taking it for a repair:

Close all running apps

Many forget to close apps after using them. Take note that any program you use will not only take up RAM storage. It can also consume battery power. If you fail to close the apps, it can generate heat and cause your phone to overheat. Going back to the home page is different from exiting the app. So once you’re done using a program, make sure to close it.

Charge it right

A common reason phones overheat is when you charge it the wrong way. Some use cheap chargers or one that is meant for a different brand. Sometimes, your phone’s battery is at fault. If the back of your phone feels hot, then you can consider replacing your battery. Better yet, invest in a new phone instead.

Keep your phone and apps up-to-date

There are reasons updates are available for your phone and the apps you have on it. Some have bug fixes, while others improve functionality. There are also those that help boost your phone’s efficiency, which means that the apps will use a less amount of your phone’s energy. So don’t miss any available updates. Read what the update is all about to keep yourself informed.

Never put your phone in extreme temperatures

It can be tempting to place your phone somewhere cold once you feel that it gets too hot. However, many technicians are against such practice. Putting your phone inside the fridge, even for a few minutes, can do more harm than good. If you don’t want to end up putting moisture in your mobile, avoid putting it in extreme temperatures.

Give it a break

If you’re always on your phone playing games or watching videos, then it is time you gave it a break. Multitasking on applications can add up to your processing power requirements. This causes your phone to overheat. What you can do is to avoid using too many applications at once. Remember that your phone is not a computer or a gaming console.

Sometimes, an overheating phone can be caused by a battery issue. But usually, it is the user who is at fault. If you handle your phone with care and give it a break every once in a while, you can avoid overheating. If the items listed above won’t work, then it is time you took your phone for repair.

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