10 Problems every business has to face

Running a business involves more than just selling. You have to take care of a lot of other things as well including human resource, purchases, and inventory.

This can result in a lot of hurdles and obstacles. Even if a business is doing great there are numerous problems it has to go through.

Listed below are the 10 problems every business faces:

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1# Government’s Rules and Policies

The rules and regulations that the government imposes every now and then affects businesses. The problem is that these policies usually come out of the blue.

Think of the demonetization in India. It was designed to help control black money but caused businesses huge losses.

Governments can change fiscal and monetary policies any moment, which can have a huge impact on the business.

2# Managing Cash Flow

A running business has cash flowing as it continues to make sales and profits. This can, however, be a challenge. Dealing with bad debt, excess inventory, slow paying customers can be a lot of problems.

In fact, according to reports, cash flow is the #1 problem most businesses fail. This is why about 90% of businesses fail within the first five years of operation.

3# Enormous data

The exploding amount of data can be very difficult to manage, especially with hacking incidents being so common. This is the era of the internet. Almost everything is stored on the cloud, which hackers may get access to.

This can cause a loss of millions and also result in a dip in a business’s goodwill.

4# Customer Services

Customers today expect the best service from you. They want to be served quickly as they lack patience and will not waste time in switching to your competitor.

Plus, they may leave negative feedback on the web, which can impact your business and cause it to fail. Customer satisfaction, therefore, becomes the foremost priority as well as a problem for most businesses as it is not easy to satisfy customers.

Many managers believe that it should be the top priority on your list but very few businesses are able to tackle customers in the right manner.

5# Technology

While technology has brought about many solutions, it has also become a problem for many businesses. As it changes rapidly, businesses find it quite a task to keep up with the changing technology.

Some can easily afford to embrace complex technological changes, while others cannot. They get left behind and can not keep pace with the changing trends in business and tech. This can often cause businesses to fail.

Consider Sony Phones and Nokia, a major reason why they failed is their inability to adapt to the changing technology.

6# Reputation

It is very important for a business to maintain its reputation. This is important not only to find more customers but also to retain current customers. However, reputation management can be quite a challenge.

Many businesses spend thousands on reputation management as it has become quite a task.

7# Recruiting Staff

For a business to function at its best, it’s essential for it to have the right staff. However, finding skilled employees can be quite a challenge.

While many individuals complain of the high unemployment rate, the fact is that there aren’t enough skilled employees. Plus, the competition is tough and the power is now in the hand of the employees and not the employers.

This is a big problem that Fbabee, a major company, faced. The condition is worse for smaller firms.

8# Branding

Things are changing rapidly. These days, it’s not about products. It’s about brands. However, thanks to stiff competition, it can be quite difficult to create a brand name.

9# Productivity

Believe it or not, productivity is decreasing at a rapid pace despite the changing technology. Most companies are struggling with this problem and it has become quite a challenge to keep employees motivated.

10# Competition

Competition is inevitable. Gone are the days of monopoly. Businesses have to face competition and deal with it. However, it can be quite difficult to deal with this increasing competition.

If you want to succeed, you must know how to deal with these common problems.


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