Midiboy, The Portable Gaming Console With MIDI

The ArduBoy is a tiny little gaming console that’s additionally extremely simple. It’s the simplest, cheap, monochrome OLED show, a microcontroller with Arduino-derived firmware and a few buttons. That’s it; however, with these easy substances, the community across the ArduBoy has created a possible gaming platform. It has cartridges now, and one model has a crank. Now, the MIDIboy is bringing something like the ArduBoy to the arena of the digital track.


Inside the MIDIboy is what you would assume from any evaluation of the ArduBoy schematics. There are six buttons, a speaker, a USB port, and an SPI OLED display. In addition to this are two large chonkin’ DIN-five ports for MIDI in and MIDI out, and yes, the MIDI in port has an optoisolator.

As for what you could do with a tiny little recreation console related to MIDI, there are already a few preference apps — the MIDI Chords app creates chords glaringly, and the MIDImon sketch is a MIDI display. There are some controllers for MIDI synths, and of the direction, this tool is completely open-source. If you’ve ever wanted a DIY controller on your preferred MIDI synth, that is what you want.

If an ArduBoy with MIDI doesn’t sound exciting, test out Little Sound DJ. That’s a Game Boy cartridge that turns your old brick Game Boy into a tune production workstation. Yes, it sounds notable, and there’s a lot of capacity in a pocket recreation console with MIDI ports.

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I wonder why none of the ‘modular connector’ formats (MikroE clicks,’ Grove, PMOD, and many others) have stuck on by way of now. These frankenboards are neat, but they’re getting older.

Maybe 8- or 10-pin IDC connectors would be a terrific layout. They’re well-matched with 0.1″ headers for debugging, and they can’t be plugged in backward. Do you have a reasonably-priced ‘st-link’ clone on your table? That connector at the lower back is a ten-pin ISP.

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