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Common Applications of Hydraulic Power Packs

There are different kinds of hydraulic power packs. They can be standard, mini, or micro-units. Depending on the manufacturer, different names may be used to categorize these variants of power packs. For this discussion, however, the focus will be on standard, mini, and micro-units.

Common Applications of Hydraulic Power Packs 1

micro power pack systems are the smallest. Mini is the intermediate category, which means they are created for purposes between the largest and smallest power packs designed to handle. Learn more about this equipment in the brief discussion below.

Standard power packs

As mentioned, standard hydraulic power units are the largest. Hence, they serve the most power-intensive applications. They become part of industrial equipment such as cranes, balers, compactors, launch recovery systems, injection molding machines, agricultural processing equipment, lifting equipment, and punching machines. They are also used in marine rigs for testing and drilling. Standard units have motors with up to 30 kW of power and flow rates as high as 100 liters per minute. Their tank capacities can be as high as 180 liters and have pressure capability on the 250 bar ceiling.

Mini hydraulic power packs

The mini-units are mostly intended for mobile applications, but they can also be used in industrial and marine settings. They can be employed in-plant trailers, scissor lifts, a well as in access control equipment. They may also be used in manual and solenoid lowering valves, step lifts, and pressure compensated flow inserts. These systems can have 12V or 24V DC motors with power ranging from 500W to 3kW. The pump size can be 0.25cc to 9.8cc, but there are also units with up to 55-liter tanks.

Micro hydraulic units

The smallest power pack category, the micro-units, can come with a variety of specifications. These include unidirectional units, ERA actuator kits, and reversible devices. The unidirectional hydraulic systems are designed to be compatible with single-acting actuators, making them great for mobility implements and floor lifts. The ERA actuators are directly mountable to cylinders and have a reverse mode. On the other hand, the reversible units are created to have a double-acting circuit, making them suitable for double-acting actuators and motors that have built-in pilot check valves.

The common applications of micropower packs are in-floor lifts, wheelchair and mobility devices, and the regulation or control of doors and barriers. Micropower packs can have tanks with a maximum of 1 liter, support for vertical and horizontal fitments, and pumps ranging from 0.17 to 1.48cc/rev. They can exert pressures that can get as high as 200 bar. AC or DC motors may be used with the micro-units.

If you intend to get a power pack, you need to be adequately acquainted with the different types. Likewise, you have to be familiar with their applications based on their technical specs. You can’t get something too big or too small for your needs. It has to be just enough as far as power and size are concerned.


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