Maintaining oral health is much more than just brushing twice daily; general dentistry is all about it. It revolves around all the basic procedures for treating patients with minor problems. A general dentist ensures that your oral health remains intact and takes steps to prevent further issues. But General Dentistry isn’t confined to prevention services and diagnostic and operational benefits.


Dentistry usually can have many branches of specialization, but this branch contains bits and parcels of all others but doesn’t focus on only a single procedure or a problem. A general dentist’s job is to ensure your smile remains beautiful, and through regular dental check-ups, keep giving medications and advice to maintain oral health. Oral health is not only about cavities or teeth; many gum problems and infections have also come into the limelight.

All dentists believe that any oral infection or disease, if tracked in the initial stages, can be controlled without any major operations, and general dentistry helps achieve that. It is dentistry in its basic form with no specialization. Some of the functions performed by such dentists are:

The Diagnosis

Abnormalities, infections, cavities, gingivitis, or decay are only some of the signs of oral health problems that the dentist has to look for. People usually go to the dentist for regular check-ups, and it is their job to ensure that no such difficulty or deterioration of teeth or gums arises. X-Rays and other methods can be used to point out any bone loss. If you have a specific issue like bleeding gums, the dentist finds the root cause of the problem and tries to cure it.

The Solution

A general dentist might offer you different solutions to restore your health. He might suggest routine teeth upkeep, brushing, flossing, gargling, or certain medicines and operations. As the oral cavity is directly connected to your stomach and other systems, an infection in the mouth could give rise to a much more dangerous disease in any other part; thus, any oral health problem should be treated immediately.

The Services

General Dentistry has various services, including regular dental check-ups and gum treatments, prescribing medications for infections, dental crowns, dentures, and fillings. Thus, all the basic cosmetic procedures also come under its scope. This helps in restoring dental health and makes sure it stays that way.


No further problems

Once the dentist has solved your problem, he ensures the offshoots of such infections or other oral health problems don’t arise again. He prescribes activities you can undertake so such issues can be avoided. Professional teeth cleaning clears your mouth of all the bacteria or plaque. Also, he suggests daily hygiene and habits which should be adopted.

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