Star Track: A New Contest Initiated by Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere

Description: The new project for the developers of unique space devices and applications, Star Track, was held by Max Polyakov and Noosphere Engineering School in Dnipro.

Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via Facebook

Noosphere Engineering School, one of the most popular projects for students in the area, is founded by Noosphere Association, with its co-founder Max Polyakov. They have recently launched a new contest for space innovators.


The new event, called “Star Track,” was held on December 2. Initiated by Max Polyakov and organized in cooperation with “Oles Honchar Dnipro National University,” it offered plenty of unique opportunities for inventors of space-related devices and applications. The contest included three different categories: Advanced Rocket Systems, CanSats, and Open topics.

The competition attracted 28 participants. However, only five teams ended up being winners of Star Track: RocchettaSpaceVehicle, DniproSkyLAB, CLASNARocket, UniversalRocket, and DH.

RocchettaSpaceVehicle shared an innovative idea of changing a traditional rocket engine. The hybrid rocket engine, represented by the team, was highly appreciated by the contest’s commission, particularly by Max Polyakov.

The CLASNARocket proposed to use an engine with two different modes for an extra boost in the process of launching a meteorological data collection rocket.

Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via Facebook

The DniproSkyLAB offered an innovative project for CanSat launches. It’s worth noting that no one before has worked on such a project in Ukraine. The idea of using three-layer structures for making a rocket was also absolutely new. This solution can significantly decrease the weight of the rocket and reduce manufacturing expenses.

The winners received 2 prizes, a special grant of 5000 UAH, and the chance to implement their projects.

Max Polyakov and Association Noosphere have been supporting innovative projects for young scientists for years. Among the new solutions offered at recent contests was the PowerBox device. The project was completely developed by the students at Noosphere Engineering School and is currently conquering the market.

Among Max Polyakov’s plans from Noosphere Association is to hold a NASA hackathon in Dnipro, Ukraine, in 2018.

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