What is Rhinoplasty Surgery and Who it is For

Rhinoplasty surgery refers to the procedure that is performed by plastic surgeons to either correct or reconstruct the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery can be necessary for certain situations where the nose has been damaged due to severe trauma. People can also opt for rhinoplasty procedures for aesthetic purposes and wish to alter their nose’s shape to heighten other facial features. People can opt for rhinoplasty procedures to fix certain genetic defects or improve nasal functions. For example, those born with a deviated septum would opt for rhinoplasty procedures to help them breathe properly. In these situations, it becomes necessary for individuals to undergo rhinoplasty surgery.


This procedure had originated in ancient India by an Ayurvedic surgeon – with proofs from ancient texts and other sources showing that the first procedure was performed in 800 BC. This procedure was originally invented to help rebuild the ears, noses, and other body parts of those who had suffered in wars and battles or from religious or criminal punishments. This method has been adapted and transformed into the clinical procedure that is performed today.
Before the patient can proceed with the surgery, they must be clinically evaluated by the plastic surgeon to ensure they are physically and mentally healthy enough to undergo the procedure. The patient must describe the problems and concerns faced with the current nose and the reasons for undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure. The surgeon will then use computer programs to simulate what the nose will look like once the process is done to ensure that the patient will have an idea of what their face will look like once the surgery has been performed. The doctor will also inquire about any previous treatments or procedures to ensure no unforeseen complications during the surgery. If the system is for cosmetic purposes, then the patient will have to inform the surgeon of the ideals they are looking for so that the surgeon will come up with a working solution that will satisfy the patient. The procedure will include separating the skin around the nose from the soft tissue and cartilage and then performing the corrections required. Though incisions will be made to make these corrections, these incisions can be made inside the nostril to ensure no visible scars are left once the procedure has been done.


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