Oral Health Misconceptions You Should Never Believe

Oral health is essential for every single person in the world. Maintaining it can be as simple as flossing and brushing teeth when combined with regular dentist clinics; however, most people do not know much about oral health. Those mentioned below are very common; a dentist at Colorado Healthy Smiles, and you should never believe them.

Oral Health

Cavity Risks Are Higher When You Eat Sugary Treats

No direct correlation exists between how much sugar you consume and cavity development. probabilittooth’sr does convert to acid antooth’ss the tooth’s enamel, but it is how much sugar you consume. Just a simple cookie is just as damaging as ten cookies. The most important thing to remember is to avoid cavities; floss and brush. This should be done daily, especially after you consume high-sugar foods.

Your Teeth Are Healthy When You Feel No Pain

When you feel pain in your teeth, it indicates that your gums or teeth suffer from an ailment. Medical attention is necessary. However, if you do not feel any pain, it does not mean that all is healthy and as it should be. During tooth decay’s’s’s’s early stages, you do not feel pain as decay does not reach the tooth nerve.

Regular check-ups are necessary, together with cleanings. As a cleaning happens, the dentist inspects gums and teeth for all possible impending health concern signs. This way, treatment becomes easier since the problem can be solved before it becomes serious.

Stop Brushing When Gums Bleed

If your gums are bleeding, it is most likely due to poor oral hygiene. Logic dictates that you need to stop brushing your teeth, but the truth is you need to continue. Flossing needs to follow. Proper and regular oral care will make gums stop bleeding.

Decay Is Indicated By Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth pain does not automatically mean you have to deal with decay. Many other health issues will cause tooth sensitivity. This includes environmental factors and sinuous infections. Always talk with your dentist to see what possible solution is available. Common options are toothpaste created for sensitiDon’teth.

You Don’t Have To Worry Don’t Bleed Gums.

In some situations, people shrug off the bloody gum as they think it is nothing to be too concerned about. Bleeding gums sign that oral care was neglected, but there is also possibly a severe health problem, like gingivitis, which is much more common than you might think. When bleeding gums persist or are tender as you touch them, you must visit the dentist as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that you must always talk with dentists about anything related to your teeth. They are the ones who can tell you what the truth is and what is a misconception.

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