Valentines Day With A Slim Budget


Valentines Day is the celebration of hope, Love and promises. Whether your story is just beginning, or you are living happily ever after, each romantic tale is unique. You may want to give each other the world yet sometimes, everyday life is not as you see it in the movies. Not everyone has a private jet fueled and ready behind the house. So, what can you do on Valentines Day to make the thought count without overdrawing your bank account? If you are trying to plan your Valentines Day with a Slim budget, remember a little imagination goes a long way without announcing a price tag. With the clever art of creativity and with Cupid on your side, you will have a Valentines Day to remember.

Your Valentines Day Guide will take you on a journey from lifes simplest treasures to grand gestures that will fit any size purse or wallet. Last minute ideas to planned presentations will make a lasting impression. The following list can extend beyond an annual Valentines Day celebration. Take ordinary out of the everyday with a thoughtful surprise. Memories and cherished moments come in all shapes and sizes. Pick and choose or mix and match your favorites and let your heart be inspired.

Imagine and Inspire

A Romantic Picnic– A picnic was once thought of as a Sunday afternoon tradition. Now, the rules have changed! Day or night, indoors and outside, you can create a romantic picnic in any setting. A grouping of flowers, a candle or two and a blanket (no checkers required) will set the stage. A picnic for two can include dinner or lighter fares. Its all in the details when it comes to presentation. Quick foods or home cooked meals will look fabulous on pretty plates.

May I Have This Dance? – There are a couple of different options that will make a great Valentines Day even better. Most areas offer ballroom dancing or swinging fifties steps for a reasonable cost. You can find specials in your area that are focused on celebrating Valentines Day. You can create your own cozy scene in your living room, balcony or park. Download your favorites and string some lights or light a few candles with flowers for a charming setting.


Poetry in Motion– Writing a poem is an endearing way to express yourself on Valentines Day. It is very simple if you follow this one rule…. write from your heart. Poetry does not have to rhyme, nor do you have to be a linguist. Think of all of the things you like or love about your subject and put them into words. Find a nice piece of paper, picture or mirror to write it on for a special effect.



Picture Perfect– Create a photo album of your time together and favorited moments. Small details and descriptions will help personalize your album. Another option available is Printed photo books. These books are becoming a popular trend taking photos and creating printed pages. You can write a fairytale or tell a story that will enhance the photos and the experience. Local print or photo shops have this feature available with fast service options.

Paint a Date– What is more romantic than you and your significant other, a couple of canvasses and colorful paint? Set up a small area complete with brushes and a drop cloth of sorts. Order out or dine in and paint the night away. You can give each other your finished masterpiece or keep your own respectively.

Memories in the Making– Take a tour of “this is our life”. Visit places that have a deeper meaning and take a photo together. For example, if you noticed how much you love their smile while waiting in line in the convenience store, that will become a stop on your tour. Include descriptions of why each spot is special. The fact that you committed these details to memory will melt the hearts of everyone you encounter through the night.


Heart Hunt – A scavenger hunt can be fun and festive. Plant your clues through the house, park or other and pick what the winning prize will be. Be creative and enjoy the moment. You can use a treasure map or riddles to guide the hunt. You can have it as long or short as the day allows. Have hints ready for when needed and explore the possibilities.

Movie Moment – Who doesn’t love a quiet and cozy evening. A little eats and a couple of treats go great with a movie. Make it a moment with a small candle, some wine and a sweet gesture. Pick a movie you will both love.

The Glory of Games– Whether you enjoy board games or console gaming, set up a night of fun. Choose a game that will suit both of your interests. Laughter and great conversation will become a Valentines Day tradition.


Cozy Cooking– Turn on the tunes and pour a glass of wine, you are having dinner for two tonight! Cooking a meal together can be an enchanted experience. Sautee your way into their hearts and enjoy the evening that is sure to make you both smile.

At The End Of The Day

These ten Valentines tricks of the budget trade will help you plan a Day you will never forget. While some require a bit more planning time, these ideas are easy to assemble with no tools required. The concept of this celebration is not based on how much money you spend, it is truly how much thought you expend. The beauty of flowers and the stars in the sky are timelessly romantic. Craft your evening with creativity and inspiration. As they say…. “The night is young, and by the grace of magic… so are we”.

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