Why Your Bath Towels Are Filthy

Did you know your bath towels are prone to carrying a huge amount of bacteria?

Unless you have invested in an anti-bacterial bath towel, you will likely be horrified to know that your towels are dirtier than before you got in the shower!

Bath Towels Are Filthy

While keeping your bathroom 100% germ-free is impossible, investing time and money into getting quality towels with minimal germs is so important.

So why are our bath towels often filthier than we realize? Here are a few reasons why they are the perfect breeding ground for germs if not specifically designed to combat them.

1. The moist environment

Chances are, you hang your bath towel on the drying rack that is conveniently placed in your bathroom. But while convenient in location, the actual drying environment is a swimming pool for bacteria! That is because the toilet, when not being used, is a dark environment that remains damp and warm.

2. Everything we touch is prone to microbes

We feel our bath towels a lot. Everything we feel in the bathroom while showering increases our hands’ risk, then transferring all those bacteria and microbes to our bath towel when we use it. Some studies have found that up to 90% of bath towels tested contain bacteria! Yuck!

3. You don’t wash your towels enough

We get it; time is of the essence, and you don’t have time to wash and dry your towels every single day of the week. For most of us, it is a job once or twice-a-week. But when our towels aren’t properly cleaned and dried after use, the chances of bacteria growing on the towels heighten drastically!

So, what is one to do when faced with such dirty towels? Not to worry, luckily, there are quite a few solutions for this filthy problem we all face! Here are some tips for ensuring the bacteria stays at a minimum on our towels.

1. Invest in an anti-bacteria towel

Thankfully, some geniuses have created anti-bacterial towels designed to have a high level of resistance to bacteria and microbes. This is through using special materials like silver fibers to create insane durability that will reject any posing threats. So, if you know you can’t consistently clean your towels daily, these anti-bacterial towels are a great solution to incorporate to compliment your shower routines.

2. Don’t leave a wet towel sitting around

Even if you intend to wash your damp towel that day, the worst thing you could do is leave that towel in the hamper damp. That is the optimal time for bacteria to form. So once you are done using it and want to wash it, throw it in the washer immediately and use strong laundry detergent!

3. Avoid washing too many towels at once

The other tip for keeping your towels bacteria-free is to minimize the number of towels you wash at once. If your washing machine is overloaded with towels, the detergent and water won’t get moved around as much to ensure a clean and thorough wash. It’s best to do multiple loads in this case!

While it is overwhelming how filthy our bath towels can get, it is comforting to know that there are practical solutions to ensure we aren’t drying ourselves in filth! From investing in anti-bacterial towels to practicing routine washing habits for our bath towels, there are multiple options to ensure we minimize the dirt that makes it onto our towels!

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