How to Pick Up Asian Girls in Bars and Nightclubs

Well generally speaking, Asian Girls are not that hard to find. If you don’t believe me, walk through Chinatown, any day of the week, and you will get the prove. But, when it comes to a night out with an Asian girl, yes, there is actually a scarcity of Asian Girls in most of the western nightclubs and bars. Now, if you are a Caucasian or a white guy, in desperate need to pick up an Asian girl, then, it is really not that tough. You can pick them up in many of the Chinatown bars and nightclubs. But, it is really not easy to get along with an Asian girl, and you need to follow some tips, to get along with them.

The first point being, hair. Your hair styling needs to be good. Therefore, when you get out of your home, in pursuit of an Asian girl, always make sure that your hair looks cool. They love guys with great hair. You may have seen that all Asian guys have great hair. Have you ever wondered why? Since, Asian girls are great hair dresser, and they make their guys look good with their hair dressing skills. When you get out, spike up your hair, or even if you can’t do that, at least make sure that your hair looks like, you have given some time to your hair. This way, you will make sure that, you already have a great impression to her, before you guys even talk.

Okay, now time for the second tip. Never, ask an Asian girl, weird questions or questions about her race. Most of the times, as a conversation starter, people use, “Hey, do you eat weird dishes?”, or something like “Hey, your English is really smooth!”. Avoid using these pick-up lines, since, it basically signifies that you are a racist young man, and you don’t know about Asians, though, on the contrary you might thing that you are being cool. Force these conversation starters out of your mind, and consider something like, “Hey, did you move in here, when you were young?”, and trust me, these lines will take you a lot further with Asian girls.

Now, time for the third tip. Asian girls love to drink. So, when you have successfully picked up an Asian girl, make sure that you offer her drinks. And, mostly, it is important, that you don’t stop after offering her, only one peg. She has a capacity of drinking more, so offer her for more drinks, and she will not say no. Asians as a race, are not perfectly good at handling alcohol, therefore, if you want to score an Asian girl, make her good drinks. Obviously not let her get drunk, then you’ll have a seriously drunk Asian girl, who will be throwing up at your bathroom, and rather than you enjoying the night, you’ll be seen taking care of her.

Now, the last tip is that, most of Asian girls are very shy at first. For that, you need to make sure that your attitude is reassuring. Your attitude shouldn’t be that of a creepy stranger, from whom her parents told to be far off.

If you are a guy, who is seriously considering an Asian girl, then you should go to bars or nightclubs where there are high chances of finding an Asian girl. Consider visiting bars in China Town, or in localities, which are known to have considerably more Asian population.

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