Do you know that the journey of pillows dates back to prehistoric humans? They too needed things to support their head and neck in a various way, be it on a block of wood or stone. However, as hurting as it sounds, it was definitely uncomfortable.

Pillows have evolved since then, one can be traced to Mesopotamia where the upper-class folks stacked pillows one after another to show off their wealth. Again, this wasn’t comfortable as well. However, it was the Greeks and roman who came up with softer and kinder pillows that were filled with feathers and straw. This marked as a sign of improvement. And after evolving for so many years people now use pillows that are made up of high-density foam, buckwheat, and micro-beads.

There are so many kinds of pillow today that choosing the right one is a task. You must buy a pillow where your head is perfectly propped in. Here a few essential questions that will help you reach your ideal pillow.


Good sleep comes from good sleep posture, that is your body should be in alignment with your knees, hips, spine to chest and shoulder. If your neck doesn’t get the right support it will leave you cranky in the morning when you wake up because of the straining and discomfort. There are a few guidelines for the different type of sleepers:

If you are a Side sleeper then you should choose pillows that are firm and thick. While for Stomach snoozers, you can skip pillows period or opt for a soft, thin one. Lastly, the Back sleepers require flatter, supportive pillows to keep head and neck where they should be.


Mattress and pillow go hand in hand, it is sensible to use a softer pillow if you are sleeping on a firm mattress but if you are sleeping on a softer mattress then go for a firm pillow. This will keep your sleep posture aligned.


Don’t run after cheap pillows, as they can’t be used for many years. One squeeze and you can feel its lump texture. Down pillows are wonderful but they tend to be more expensive than synthetic pillows. If you want a mid ranged pillow then go for a good foam pillow. You don’t always have to spend too much money on the pillow as you should be prepared to use and ditch from time to time.


Before laying your hands on a new pillow, you should check your current pillow. Check if it is as fluffy as it used to be, does it bounce back? If your pillow stays the way like it was from the beginning and doesn’t smell foul then hang on to your old pillow. But if the answer is no to all the above questions is no then its time to replace it. Anyway, a pillow should be replaced every two or three years.

Ask yourself the right question to buy the right pillow. Also a bonus tip, a pillow protector is your best friend, get one to breathe easily.