Understanding Cancer and its Types

Cancer contains more than a hundred different diseases, and it can develop in any part of the body. Cells are among the basic components of the body. Because the body requires them, they grow and divide, forming new cells. Cancer begins when the genetic changes interfere with the cells’ order, so they start growing uncontrollably, and they sometimes include a mass called Tumor. A cancerous tumor is dangerous because it can grow and spread into other parts of the body, while a beginning tumor will not spread, though it can grow. Not all cancers will form a tumor. Some of them include leukemia and myeloma.

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Types of cancer

Cancer is divided into types according to where it started. There are four main types of cancer:

  • Carcinomas. This type of cancer begins in the skin or tissues that cover the surface of the internal organs and the glands. It usually forms solid tumors. Research shows that it is the most common type of cancer that affects people. The main types of this cancer are prostate cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer.
  • Sarcomas. This type of cancer is different from the first one because it begins in the tissues that connect the body. Mostly, it can develop in fat, muscles, nerves, tendons, and joints or borne.
  • Lymphomas. It begins in the lymphatic system. The cancer hospital in Singapore says the lymphatic system is the network of vessels and glands that aids in fighting infections. There are two main types of lymphoma cancer: Hodgkin lymphomas and non-Hodgkin cancer.
  • Leukemias. This is blood cancer, and it begins when healthy blood cells change and start growing uncontrollably. There are four main types of leukemia cancer: acute lymphocytic leukemia, chronic lymphatic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, and chronic myeloid leukemia.

How cancer spreads

When the cancerous Tumor starts growing, the bloodstream or the lymphatic system can transfer the cancer cells to the other parts of the body. The process is known as metastasis; during this process, the cancer cells grow and sometimes develop into a new tumor.

The lymph nodes are always the first places that cancer starts spreading. The lymph nodes are tiny bean-shaped organs that aid in fighting infections. They are always in clusters in different body parts, such as the neck, groin area, and under the arms.

Also, cancer may sometimes spread through the bloodstream to different types of the body. Examples of these parts are bones, the liver, lungs, or brains. Recent research from professional doctors shows that even if cancer spreads, it is named depending on its area.

Diagnosing cancer

Cancer diagnosis starts when the patient decides to visit the doctor about an unusual symptom. The doctor will always discuss the medical history and symptoms with the patient, and then he will perform some tests to know the cause of these symptoms. Visiting a cancer hospital in Singapore will always help you detect the symptoms before they start spreading in the body.

In most cases, the doctor will diagnose cancer after performing the tests because many people with cancer have no symptoms. Examples of cancer screening are colonoscopy, mammography, and Pap test. A biopsy is the only best way of making a correct diagnosis; it involves removing a small number of tissues for further studies.

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