A web part in SharePoint is a basic component of a page on SharePoint websites. Web parts are used to greatly expand the customization range of a SharePoint website page by allowing the customization of page’s content, layout and even some adjustable scripts.

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As one of the most prominent web part vendors, VirtoSoftware has developed a wide variety of SharePoint web parts, including:

  • Web parts that help with basic teamwork needs, like Calendar and SharePoint Form Designer;
  • A number of unique administrative tools, like User Redirect Web Part and AD User Profile Service;
  • Extensions to the basic SharePoint notification system like Alerts and Reminders;
  • Project management helpers like Gantt Chart View and Kanban Board;
  • File management appliances in the form of Bulk File Upload and Bulk File Unzip;
  • Password management can be handled by Password Change, Password Expiration and Password Reset & Recovery;
  • Workflow management helpers like Workflow Status Monitor and Workflow Scheduler.

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