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Udrive pay-per-minute car rental comes to Abudhabi

Abu Dhabi has lots to offer in the form of art and culture as well. That is why you can see that the city receives many tourists in a year and it is all set to increase year after year. With attractions like the Ferrari World and Yas islands, which have the famous water theme park nearby, it is a promising destination for those seeking leisure, adventure, or historical experience. It is indeed worthwhile to make your travel plans and purchase appropriate online insurance too.

Abudhabi is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world. And the present crown prince of Abudhabi is drawing out long-term plans that involve the tourism sector. In this light, the introduction of UDrive pay per minute seems to be a welcome addition that would benefit the residents and the tourist population at large.

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What is U-drive pay per minute car rentals?

Udrive, a car-sharing provider that charges rental by the minute in the Middle East. More often than not, you might be forced to rent a car for a fixed number of hours or even pay for the return trip, say if you want to get dropped at Sharjah or Dubai. This scenario can change with the Pay-per-minute scheme that has been allowed to operate in the UAE capital. It has been in operation since April 2018.

This service can be availed of once you register with Udrive. You will then locate the car through the mobile app, access it, and drive it thereafter. You can drive a car from anywhere you want, at any time you want, to any place within the city you want and make payment only for the distance you drive. This means that it is a quite flexible system for renting a car. Online insurance would ensure that you are covered when traveling in a Udrive car, though the company insures the car.

What are the cars you can hire at UDrive?

You can avail cars of different models which include the newest model of

  • Toyota Yaris
  • Nissan Tiida
  • Peugeot 208
  • Ford Ecosport
  • Nissan Sunny
  • Chevrolet Aveo
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Kia Picanto

These vehicles would be available with inclusions such as fuel, parking as Mawaqif paid-parking is waived, and comprehensive insurance to you as registered members. About 5 % of its fleet is electric. Despite having a fleet that has all car models that would be preferred, they are constantly surveying the requirements to match the demand, if any, for the specific car model. You do not have to buy car insurance online as Udrive itself insures these cars. It is a comprehensive cover.

How does it work?

U-drive users can pick a car from anywhere in Abudhabi and drive anywhere they choose, but it is necessary to return the car to the city from where it was picked up, even if it is not the same place you started to drive. The service costs 50fils per minute Dh135/day is the maximum cap to cover a distance under 220Kms. An additional 50Fils would be chargeable thereafter, but you can enjoy free Mawaqif parking. However, VAT is applicable on the cost of service per minute. Online insurance can be obtained if you are a tourist and intend to use U-drive services.

How to avail of U-Drive services?

  • It would help if you got registered as a user. You need to follow the steps mentioned for registration using the website, or you may even use the app on your phone.
  • The documents you are supposed to provide include.
  1. Emirates ID for residents
  2. A UAE driving license that is current and not expired
  3. A credit/debit card you are likely to use for making payments
  4. UAE recognized International driving license if you are a tourist. But, registration applies to tourists as well.
  • You will be able to rent a vehicle throughout the day by using the U-drive app. You can locate the U-drive car nearest to your location.
  • You can now select the vehicle and unlock the car using either the personal membership card, optional, or smartphone.
  • You can use the vehicle and avail yourself of the free services, including free fuel, free parking facilities, etc. The keyless access and free parking services help you access and use the cars safely.
  • Members pay 50fils. The daily limit in terms of distance covered is fixed at 220kms, and the maximum cap on cost is DH136/day. However, VAT is applicable.
  • There are no associated charges, and you do not have to buy car insurance online because the cars are already insured.

Who can avail of the services?

Though registration is essential to access the car and the registration process must be followed, but the criteria you have to fulfill for opting for registration include

  • Having reached 23 years of age
  • 1-year valid driving license back home or local.

In case you still do not fulfill the criteria, you could reach out to the customer service representatives at 800 –Udrive or This gives a chance to access the service as the representatives would check out if exceptions are possible on a case to case basis. It pays to have online insurance in hand in such a case.

Using the car

Once you register with Udrive, you would receive an activation email. This is a confirmation that ensures that you can access the mobile app of Udrive for Android or iOS. You can access it with the username and password.

You also have the option to purchase and use the membership card instead of the app.

The app or the card will open the car. You will find the key to the car in the car’s glove box in the drive terminal.

Use the pin that is given to you for the activation of the account in the terminal. This would enable you to use the key to start and drive the car.

Reserving the car

Apart from the hassle-free use of cars, U-drive also provides the registered drivers the option to reserve the car. However, the car would be reserved only for 15 minutes. It is done by logging into the website using the username and password and accessing the U-drive app. You can view the car’s details and make the reservation by clicking on the green car icon.

Ending the trip

Ending the trip is quite simple too. You have to switch off the engine remove the key from the ignition, deposit it at the U-drive terminal, and follow the instructions. After that, you can use the U-drive app to lock the car once you are outside the car. In case you are using the membership card, you have got to hold the membership card against the card reader until you are sure that the car doors are locked.


In case of a stopover, you are supposed to lock the car using the keys. The stopover charges would be levied until you open the car again for use.

Ending the journey

The U drive car can be parked in the RTA parking zones A, B, C, and D. However, the parking has to be uncovered. Failing to do this would attract fines and charges that would be equal to the costs or penalties that have been levied.


In case of an accident when you are driving a U-drive car, once you have ensured your safety and that of the other party, you need to call 999 to inform the police and also call an ambulance if required. After that, you can also call U-drive customer service for further assistance. If you are a local, you can buy car insurance online for extra protection.

Risk- free travel with travel insurance

You can buy online insurance when you are planning for a trip abroad. The overseas travel premium would be generated based on factors such as

Sum insured– this refers to the amount for which you are purchasing insurance. Remember that the sum insured will influence the premium that you might have to pay.

The type of plan- There are several travel insurance plans to choose from. You can choose a plan depending on the type of trip. The online insurance plans include individual, students’ policy, family plan, etc. depending on the requirement.

Duration of the trip- The longer the trip, the costlier it would be. There is also an option for you to buy a multi-trip policy if you are a person who travels often or if you have planned 2-3 trips abroad within a year.

Health and age- The health condition and the insured’s age will influence the premium’s cost. The younger the age, the lower is the premium.

Purchasing online travel insurance is quite simple. You need to fill in the basic details to get the premium amount calculated immediately.

It is indeed mandatory to buy travel insurance in most cases. But, buying the right policy would help you gain greater benefits.

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