This English Learning Module is Changing the Way People Learn Spoken English

As Indians, English has always been our Achilles heel. Each of us has felt vulnerable about not knowing this language well enough, and the fear of speaking wrong has gripped most of us at some point in our lives.

While we idolize this foreign language, there’s no denying the fact that this language is indeed worth worshiping. It does not just open new doors of opportunities but also gives you the confidence to conquer the world.

However, learning this language has always been a hard nut to crack.

English learning through ages

India has always taken a scientific approach to teaching English to young students. From school, we have English as a subject taught to us chapter by chapter.

As grown-ups, when we attend Spoken English classes, we witness the same approach to this language where tutors try to help us learn the grammar, not the language’s nuances.

Other than that, most often, suggestions when we ask someone “how to learn English” are bold recommendations like reading more, writing more, watching English movies, etc.

The Real Method

While the conventional method of learning English might have worked for many, it is improbable that it will benefit most Indians, considering that many of us don’t have the time to pursue this learning full-time or give it as much time as the conventional method demands.

In this chaos of complex suggestions for learning English, an online learning module has surfaced as a breath of fresh air. WizMantra Academy, an online English-speaking class, has a unique learning module that takes a new, avant-garde approach to language learning. Focusing on the real-world problems of communication, this learning module is a 4 step cycle that helps you:

  1. Improve communication
  2. Learn the correct usage of grammar
  3. Learn the real-world English
  4. Develop your personality

Moving away from the bookish approach, this module aims to help learners break the language barriers and achieve their dreams.

Basic English Speaking Course Content Syllabus


Features of Wizmantra English Speaking Classes:

As a flexible program, this module is a break from the monotony in multiple ways. Some key features of this program that make it stand apart are:

  • 100% Online: Students can access these Spoken English classes online, and they don’t have to worry about finding time to reach a physical place for learning.
  • Anytime accessibility: You don’t have to worry about fixed timings and a place to attend these classes. You can set up your timings based on your convenience and access these classes anytime from anywhere.
  • One-to-one classes: No more embarrassment amongst students or worries of not getting enough attention from the tutor. These classes are one-to-one and aimed at dedicated support for every student. Moreover, this one-to-one module gives you enough privacy and helps you break the shackles of hesitation and apprehensions.
  • No fixed syllabus or patterns: The most exciting feature of this module is that you don’t have to take the old-school approach to learn. Aimed at revolutionizing language learning, these classes give you enough space to experiment and learn at your own pace. There’s no fixed syllabus, and tutors pick up the rate from your current levels of knowledge. Structured in real-time, these classes are meant to make you think in English, thereby letting it occur naturally to you as a language and not as a subject you have learned in school.

The struggle of learning a language is real, and so is the battle to find real-world solutions to cope up h this problem. This new module is changing how people learn spoken English and is a ray of hope for many of us who lack language skills has manacled.

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