How to Choose the Best Casino Game for You

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Online casinos offer numerous game options. You will likely find hundreds or dozens of games in many casinos. How do you choose the right game to play? What factors should be considered? Even if you are reviewing a list of the best casino games to choose from, there are still things you need to consider to pick the right match for you.

Choose What You Enjoy

The first criterion to have when choosing a game to play at online casinos is arguably your preference. You can’t enjoy something you don’t like. If you want to play a game, it has to be a game you are interested in. It has to be something you consider fun and worth spending time on.

The game choices in online casinos usually include slots, table games, video poker, and specialty games. Specialty games, such as bingo or keno, scratch cards, minesweeper, and dice, are generally casual. The hundreds of games you find in online casinos are typically limited to these groups of games. Sometimes, you have the option to play live dealer games or play in live poker rooms.

You may notice that the games have a wide range of variants. Slots, in particular, usually account for around half of all the games in an online casino. They have dozens of variants. However, their aesthetic features make these numerous slot games differ from each other. They can be distinguished from each other as they feature different themes such as movies, cartoon characters, sports, or pop culture symbols. These aesthetic variations will likely be one of the major factors you will consider when choosing a game.

Sometimes, games can have functional differences. The scoring system, for example, may be different. There could also be differences in the game mechanics. As you choose a game, pay attention to these differences. You might have the wrong presumption about the game rules.

Pick Games with a Low House Edge

Another important detail to consider is the house edge. This is the built-in advantage of a casino. It is technically defined as the average loss ratio to the initial bet. It is a percentage of all the bets (placed by players) that go directly to the casino. It is the guaranteed revenue for the casino, regardless of whether players win or lose.

Different casino games have other house edges. The ones with the lower house edge are preferable. The following are some of the games considered to have the lowest house edge: backgammon (4.82% to 4.39%), Caribbean stud poker (5%), Pai Gow Poker (2.5%), Single Zero Roulette (2.5%), slots (2% to 10%), video poker (0.5% to 5%), three-card poker (1.5%), Baccarat (1.5%), craps (1.4% to 5%), and single deck blackjack (1.5%).

Games you may want to avoid because of their very high house edge are keno (25% to 29%), $2 Big Six (16.67%), $5 Big Six (22.22%), $10 Big Six (18.52%), $20 Big Six (22.22%), Joker/Logo Big Six (24.07%), Casino War – Bet on Tie (18.65%), and Bonus Six with Insurance (23.83%).

Examine the Game Providers

The games in online casinos usually come from various providers. One casino can carry games from 7 or more providers. If you are looking for a casino game and have no favorite provider (or are unaware of the different providers), limiting your options to the most reputable and popular ones would be advisable.

One of the most highly regarded casino game providers is NetEnt. The company is almost a staple in most online casinos and has already processed over 21.4 billion gaming transactions, making its track record as a reliable game provider indubitable.

Another noteworthy casino game provider is Playtech. It stands out for its emphasis on operating only in regulated jurisdictions (in countries where online gambling is legal). It is known for its fully scalable casino and gaming solutions. It is also a provider of mobile gaming, sports betting, live casino, and lottery games.

Other reputable names in casino games are Novomatic, which is regarded as the top casino game provider in Europe; Dragonfish, the business-to-business software development arm of 888; Evolution Gaming, a renowned provider of live casino games; Microgaming, a global casino game software provider with more than 850 titles; and Realtime Gaming, one of the pioneers in casino gaming known for its highly responsive games.

Give Preference to Provably Fair Games

Provably fair is a tag used for games whose outcomes can be independently verified for fairness. Games considered provably appropriate provide means for anyone to check if the game results are reasonable and not manipulated or influenced by something introduced in the middle of the game.

If you are looking for a truly fair game, it has to have a reliable random number generator. However, a game fair may be insufficient if a casino shows that a certificate asserts that the games have verified random number generators. The best test is a provably appropriate one to ensure a fair game.

Casinos confident in the games’ fairness offer readily provide the tools necessary for a provably fair test. They may readily provide the hash code and the online tools (or links to these tools) for verifying the fairness of the game results.

Online casino games don’t have to be fair, but it would reassure players if the games they play are fair.

Test the Games

Lastly, it’s important to do a test run with the games. Many online casinos provide “play for fun” or “free play” versions of their games to allow new players to test them. Be sure to evaluate the games before playing to ensure they are responsive and that no bugs may ruin your gaming experience. Also, it is preferable to have games created to be mobile-friendly, preferably developed with HTML5. Some games don’t work well on smartphones and tablets.

Consider examining your options with the above points as your guide in choosing games at online casinos. Find a match you find exciting and enjoyable, and make sure it has a low house edge and is fair, responsive, and preferably fair.


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