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Alternative Fuel And Vehicle Technologies


In state-of-the-art international, scientists, analysts, and researchers constantly seek to find powerful fuel premiere techniques to reduce greenhouse gasoline emissions. However, there is extensive research happening to mitigate CO2 from existing fuel. Ethanol has wonderful potential to decrease CO2 from the air because it combines agricultural merchandise and a maximum of the prevailing cars and Ethanol. On the contrary, LPG is the opposite, gasoline and increases sustain without delay, enabling environmental stability. However, the latest invention, I., E. Hybrid era, known as electric-powered automobiles, have a wider advantage over the surroundings and ensure ‘zero’ carbon emission in the air.



Electric-powered motors are becoming more popular in growing countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany because of environmental subjects and electricity costs.

This hybrid technology will also increase automotive battery storage potential, and as a result, this becomes a possible solution for present-day transportation. Battery, better known as lithium composite phosphate (LCP), is rechargeable, which uses LiFePO4 as cathode cloth and is used in transportable items like mobile cell phones, cameras, and laptops. Thus, most automobile maker agencies nowadays are becoming more environmentally conscious. In step with demand, they now have greater consciousness on introducing the new model of an electric vehicle.



In Australia, automobiles run with Ethanol’s aid, but nobody knows Ethanol can affect their cars. A recent discern shows that 30 percent of Australian automobiles might be laid low with 10 percent Ethanol. The main agricultural products used to provide Ethanol in Australia are wheat, wheat starch, sugarcane, and sorghum. However, the main gain of using Ethanol is natural and reduces air pollution. However, the major disadvantage is it burns fast. Four varieties of Ethanol are currently available worldwide, including E10, E85, E22, and E100. In Australia, E10 and E85 are available, and others are nonetheless under consideration.

E10 in Australia

After the 1st of July 2003, 10 percent ethanol was allowed to combine with ordinary petrol, and mixing higher than 10 percent required engine modification. It became recognized that E20 with a 20 percent mix frequently makes a hassle on unmodified engines.

Problems of E10 (E-10 Ethanol Fuel Problems, n.D)

1. Ethanol 10 damaged automobile engine and carburetor.

2. Water above five percent causes critical harm to the automobile’s overall performance.

3. Water freezing in wintry weather severely affects overall performance.

E85 in Australia

E85 is appropriate for flex-fuel cars; presently, the simplest Caltex promotes forty retail stores (Monitoring of the Australian Petroleum Industry, 2011). However, E85 is very environmentally suitable, but not appropriate for all engines, particularly vans, as it damages the fuel gadget.

Problems of E85

1. Burns quickly compared to other petrol.

2. Decrease vehicle mileage according to gallon up to fifteen to 25 percent compared to gasoline

three. Prices of E85 are extra convenient to evaluate performance and according to km.


According to NSW authorities, 2 percent mandate coverage for Ethanol, and wholesalers must make as much as the minimum two percent of the total volume of NSW sales (Graham, Reedman, Poldy, 2008).


The major benefit of this new policy might be the benefit of new cars. However, considering the sustainability trouble in the surroundings, Ethanol might be the future gasoline for all vehicles. On the other hand, although Ethanol is an environmentally friendly fuel, in Australia, Ethanol’s availability is inadequate in one-of-a-kind places. The motive behind it is Ethanol is specifically based on agricultural products; farmers are reluctant to supply crops at a better rate for fuel. Besides, inadequate authority subsidy is also a chief factor in ethanol charges.


Cost of E10

The expenses of E10 are very sensitive in specific petrol stations in Australia. Most of the petrol companies in Australia have the freedom to repair the rate according to the preferred fuel exceptional.

Site Name and Price of E10 ($)

Budget Strathfield $1.34

Caltex/Woolworths Taren Point $1.35

7 Eleven Sans Souci $1.35

Caltex/Woolworths Strathfield $1.36

Caltex/Woolworths Miranda $1.37

Caltex/Woolworths Carnes Hill $1.37

Source: My Price Seek, MotorMouth Pty Ltd, 2012 (Updated, 10/04/2012)

Carbon emission price E10

Though there aren’t huge variations on ordinary petrol, E10 saves five percent of gas emissions, and the full cycle emission (t CO2-e/L) is 2.Forty-four compared to two. Fifty-six to regular petrol.

Cost of E85

Currently, few petrol stations have E85’s best alternative fuels that are hard for customers to exchange for E85—generally, the charge tiers in exceptional petrol stations are about $124 to $ thirty-five.

Carbon emission rate E85

Compared to different fuels, E85 has decreased the emission fee on the greenhouse. Generally, on a median of 15,000 miles according to yr, 372 grams/mile (approx) CO2 may be reduced handiest the usage of E85.


LPG combines 50 percent propane and 50 percent butane, and Western Australia has the largest reserve of this herbal fuel from a sand scam (What is LPG? 2011). Generally, LPG-powered automobiles produce much less CO2 to the environment, i.e., E. 203 gm CO2 0e/km. According to RARE consulting, LPG might reduce thirteen to 14 percent of carbon dioxide in the air (Wong, 2011). Due to the great demand for electricity necessities in Australia, LPG may be an opportunity answer for cars, commercial or household use in coming years.


According to LPG Australia, cutting-edge coverage, “LPG enterprise will assist authorities to make sure sustainability as well as destiny energy resources to reduce carbon and ensuring LPG obtain a level of functionality to assist authorities’ opportunity fuel requirement; LPG market will require transitional aid to obtain 10 percent of transport electricity necessities”(LPG Australia policy, 2010).


Using LPG in an automobile suit with modern coverage makes certain less expensive environmental answers. The primary benefit of LPG is it burns truly on air, and it is 60 percent less costly than other petrol. It must be referred to, LPG additionally increases engine life for a list of all types of vehicles. On the contrary, the potential negative aspects are LPG conversion cost, i.e., between AUD 2000 to 2500, as well as the renovation cost of an engine. One greater downside is performance compared to the gasoline-driven car, which is way too low and excessive risk worries even when putting LPG cylinders in all automobiles.


Cost of LPG

Australia has extensive reserves of LPG for the next 30-50 years. In this manner, the Price of LPG might be lower because of high availability. The annual common rate of LPG is 54.5c.

Site call and Price ($)

Caltex Crossroads Truckstop $zero.Seventy-two

BP Kemps Creek $0.Seventy-Eight

Caltex/Woolworths St Marys $0.Seventy-nine

Caltex/Woolworths Surry Hills (Redfern) $zero.Seventy-nine

Caltex/Woolworths Kingswood $zero.79

Caltex/Woolworths Werrington $0.Seventy-nine

Source: My rate search, MotorMouth Pty Ltd, 2012 (Updated, eleven/04/2012)

Carbon emission charge of LPG

In Australia, the carbon emissions rate examined to list alternative fuels that are tremendously better than LPG. According to the sustainability branch, surroundings, water, population, and groups in Australia, in every liter of petrol used inside the vehicle bill of sale, 2. Three kg of CO2 is released into the air (Reducing greenhouse fuel emissions, 2008).

CO2 Tailpipe Emissions/Liter of Fuel Consumed

Fuel Type CO2- Emissions

Petrol -2.Three kg

LPG -1.6 kg

Diesel -2.7 kg

Source: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, 2008


The invention of generation Electric vehicles is the final way to zero carbon emissions on the environment. This has been proven; EVs are twice as green as petrol-pushed motors. This is particularly because the best automotive battery interior EV is extra productive. After all, it uses renewable energy, i.e., E. Sun resources. In 2006, Australia’s greenhouse gas emission rate became 576 million tonnes, wherein 89 percent of lots changed into generated most effectively from street shipping.


Carbon emission Policy: The NSW government is introducing the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), which restricts air pollution potential on an enterprise, currently described as ‘Carbon Tax.’ However, this policy creates controversy among media humans and commercial enterprise entities. As a result, many corporations are protesting this coverage, and as a matter of reality, this coverage is now under consideration.


This policy’s predominant capability is to cast off harmful pollutants from the environment and decrease dependency on oil. On the contrary, in view that electric cars are new on the market and there may be no sufficient infrastructure, plant, or station available for humans, this may create massive issues for humans while journeying long distances. The completely auto batteries-powered vehicle can travel up to 160 km. After that, if there is no provider station to recharge the battery, this will be an extreme memory for vacationers. A component shapes this: thethe charge of buying electric cars is higher than regular vehicles, beginning from $20,000 beyond questioning for common human beings.


Cost of electric vehicle

To rate an electric car’s battery costs best 1 to 3c consistent with kilometer depending on the area and call for.

Carbon emission charge of electric car

Electric vehicles can produce 27 percent (i.e., 164 g/km) less CO2 than petrol vehicles (Better Vicinity, 2011).


This could be very clear from the above analysis. Ethanol, LPG, and electric-powered automobiles can offer sufficient environmental gain. However, evaluating different factors and checking out current problems can say that purchasing LP and changing to LPG could be the ultimate answer to charge and the environment. The most important cause is that LPG has a lower emission rate, cheap value, and herbal resources in Australia. Ethanol and electric cars call for government help, which requires massive funding.

Recently, information has shown that a carbon discount through electric-powered automobiles is a trifling ‘delusion. Additionally, the electric car produces better emissions than petrol because of energy consumption simultaneously as manufacturing batteries. On the other hand, switching to EVs requires sixteen percent greater electric capability equal to 10GW or six nuclear stations (Jha, 2010). Therefore, buying an LPG vehicle will be most useful considering the above information.

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