Distracted Driving: How Technology Is Adding To The Opportunity For Car Accidents

As we reach 16, we covet the all-mighty driver’s license. The freedom and independence to drive ourselves to where we need or want to overwhelms us. However, technology has changed greatly since today’s 30 and 40-somethings were 16. Cell phones were here, but not as accessible. GPS existed, as well, but was not a mainstay in our cars, and while there has been the option of listening to music in your car for decades, we were not allowed the options that today’s young drivers are. But is it a good thing? Is technology helping or hurting the simple task of driving? Below are some reasons to avoid technology in your vehicle.


Temptation Is Often Too Much

As a driver of any age, the temptation to use our technology while driving is often too much. Most older people in the crowd will use a drive from one place to another as extra time to get in a few phone calls or listen to their favorite song. In essence, our vehicles become a mobile office of sorts. Many young drivers call and text friends and parents while driving. Again, most of the time, it is to save time. It is viewed as a great inconvenience to most to pull over to make a call or send a text. Unfortunately, the best intentions do not help the fact that you are distracted from the main task at hand… driving.


It Only Takes a Few Seconds Of Distraction

So, if you decide to ignore the warnings because you “have Jedi reflexes” (someone said that one time when referring to being distracted), how long does it take before you are in danger of losing control of your vehicle and causing someone to need a personal injury trial attorney? It only takes 2 seconds! In 2 seconds, you could miss a light change, ram the car in front of you, unknowingly cross the double yellow line into oncoming traffic, or tumble off a mountain. Just because you HAD to check that message, refer to the GPS, or hook your phone to the radio to hear that new song you downloaded.

The Laws Are of Little Effect

As with any discovery or technology, laws eventually govern their use and safety. Although these laws were in place and the education spread nationwide on distracted driving, it claimed over 3,400 lives in 2015. Since 2010, texting while driving has been banned. Even before that, it was still a secondary offense. As of today, there are no laws against using GPS while driving in most states. You can even use your phone’s GPS while driving, but it is recommended that another person help you navigate so you can pay attention to driving. wide

Technology is a great tool and a huge asset in our daily lives, but we must learn to use it in moderation and responsibly, as with anything else in life.

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