Top Reasons to Seek a Legal Pardon

When the court convicts you of a crime, it will appear on your official record for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter if you made a drunken mistake in college, pleaded guilty to escape a more serious crime, or took the fall for someone else. Your criminal history can keep you from getting the job you want and traveling when you want to. Some people have issues because of a crime committed in the past, even though they never served jail time. You can clean up your official record with pardon applications, but you may want to know some reasons to seek a pardon first.

Legal Pardon

Find a Better Job

You may not realize that your history can keep you from getting your desired job. Many employers have applications that ask you point-blank if you have any arrests or convictions on your record. Those companies may not even bring you in for an interview because of things you did in the past. Other employers may extend a job offer after an interview and then rescind that offer after doing a background check. A full pardon can help you find a better job and move up the ranks at your current company.

Clean Your Online Reputation

Some websites specialize in showing mugshots and arrest reports. These sites pop up each time you search your name. When someone does a background check, your conviction will also appear on government websites. This can not only change the employer’s willingness to take a chance on you, but it can also limit your dating pool. Many single people now do a quick online search before going on dates or getting serious with someone, and a potential match may walk away from you because of the things you did in the past. With a pardon, you can clean up your online reputation.

Become a Volunteer

Did you know a criminal record can prevent you from volunteering? While some nonprofit organizations will welcome volunteers of any type with open arms, others do background checks to weed out those with criminal records. This is especially true of organizations that work with children, women, older people, and people experiencing homelessness. Once you get your pardon, your criminal record will appear clean, letting you do volunteer work anywhere you want.


Travel With Fewer Restrictions

While you might have a passport from before you committed a crime, that crime can prevent you from traveling and using your key. Border patrol agents can run your name through the system dec, determine that you are at risk, and ban you from crossing the border. Something as basic as a DUI charge can keep you from traveling between countries. Instead of asking the court for a letter that gives you the right to travel, you can apply for a pardon and travel whenever you want without your record getting in your way.

Find a Rental

Not everyone can afford to buy a home, but when you need to rent a house or an apartment, you might find landlords turning you down because of your criminal record. Landlords often do criminal and civil background checks to weed out tenants with financial issues or criminal convictions. Even if you committed a crime five years ago or even more, some landlords will still refuse to rent. Getting a pardon removes that conviction from your record and shows landlords that you are a mature and responsible person.

See Your Kids

If you have children, you should consider seeking a pardon. Even if you have a happy marriage, you never know what might happen. Once your spouse files for divorce, they can seek full custody and ask for limited visitation on your part because of any crimes you previously committed. Your record can keep you from seeing children you had with a former partner and lead to you losing custody, too. Whether you want to find a new job, get an apartment, travel freely, or improve your reputation, you must file for a pardon.

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