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Steps and Tips in Performing a Criminal History Check

Did you become a subject of a background check, some criminal history check? Have you considered conducting a background check? If yes, you have come to the right place. We’re going to discuss criminal history checks and some tips for implementing them, and how to go around them to ensure you will pass the background check.

Criminal History Check

What is a criminal history check?

It pertains to the process of searching or checking an applicant’s criminal history. Companies or private institutions usually perform it as a part of the screening program for job applicants. The investigation results can help the company develop better-informed hiring decisions, which will eventually protect employees and the business reputation as a whole.

A criminal history check can be done on your own or outsource to professionals. Performing a criminal history check requires consistency, especially regarding policy and procedure, to ensure fairness in all applicants. The goal is to prevent the possibility of hiring employees with troubling criminal pasts as it could mean trouble for customers, other employees, and the business as a whole.

Below are the recommended tips when performing criminal history check:

  • Get consent

When checking someone’s criminal record, you need to make sure you are doing it all right, and the first thing to do so is getting consent.

  • Understand what to include in the background check

A criminal check reveals information related to crimes such as misdemeanor and felony. Still, there’s more into it, such as sex offender registry check, US terror watchlist check, social security number validation, and address history check.

  • Know that some records are off-limits

Know beforehand that some criminal records don’t show up with your search, especially if the criminal record information is over seven years old. There are instances when an employer is restricted from accessing criminal records until the later stage of the hiring process.

  • Some records cannot be accessed even if they’re not yet seven years old

Some records cannot be accessed even if they’re a bit new, but such information varies from one state to another. The thing is, ordinary people don’t usually have access to such information. Should you wish to have your criminal history checked in detail, the best thing to do is to hire the service of a third-party criminal record checker.

  • An arrest record might appear.

When checking for a criminal record, one of the most important pieces of information that would appear is the arrest record – several times you were arrested even if you are acquitted. It could be that your criminal record is spotless, but your arrest record will pop up and can certainly affect your employment opportunity.

  • You can rub out some arrest records.

You are starting a new life, and you want to start clean. Now you are bothered by your criminal records. Don’t you know that you can somehow expunge some of them permanently? You can request to rub out records in certain instances if you get arrested but not convicted or your conviction was overturned on appeal. You can also request expungement if there are no pending charges against you or if it has been a year since you were arrested and won the appeal. To have these details erase from your record, all you need to do is contact the county courthouse in the state or the city where you were arrested and inform your intent to rub out such information.

Performing a criminal record check can be a tedious process, but it comes with many advantages, both for the hiring company and the applicants.

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