Difference Between a Divorce Lawyer and a Divorce Mediator

There comes a time when a married couple decides that they must part ways. A divorce brings on a number of uncertainties and can be a very overwhelming experience for everyone involved. During a divorce, many decisions must be decided. Before you start that process, you must decide if you are going to use a divorce lawyer and go through court, or use a divorce mediator without using the courts.

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A Divorce Lawyer

A lawyer that specializes in family law including divorce is known a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer will be able to guide you through the divorce process and through divorce court. Tensions might be high during a divorce, especially in court. A divorce lawyer will help to keep these tensions low and decrease intense emotions that are common during a divorce.

Going through the court system and using a divorce lawyer is best for couples who are involved in a difficult divorce. It is also the best way for couples if any of the following apply to you:

–       You believe your spouse is lying

–       You are involved in a domestic violence relationship

–       You believe your spouse might be trying to seek revenge

–       Your spouse already has a divorce lawyer

–       Children are involved

–       Complex financial or emotional issues are present

A Divorce Mediator

If you decide to not go through the courts, you will need to go through divorce mediation. During divorce mediation you need a divorce mediator, who is a neutral third party that meets with the couple to discuss and resolve issues. It is important to always choose a mediator that is experienced with divorce cases. Keep in mind, the mediator will not be making the decisions for you. They will help you figure out what is best for you two on your own, without involving the courts.

This option is beneficial to couples who both agree to mediation and have no hard feelings towards each other. Divorce mediation is less expensive than going through the courts. It is confidential and never made public record. These mediation sessions can also help improve communication to help prevent future issues from occurring. You can expect anywhere from 4 to 10 different mediation sessions until the divorce is complete.

Santa Clara Law Group Can Help

If you do need a Santa Clara divorce lawyer, Santa Clara Law Group has the expertise and skills to assist you during your divorce. The legal team at Santa Clara Law Group can also help provide you the legal advice and guidance you need to go through with divorce mediation. They can also serve as a divorce mediator, providing fair and equal representation to both sides.

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