Band Websites: Common Band Website Mistakes Made Using WordPress

With such a lot of WordPress band topics to be had to musicians and indie bands on the interweb, it makes me marvel why using one of the easiest, maximum user-friendly internet site systems is so hard for ultra-modern indie bands and musicians.

I get that this could be taken into consideration a large endorsement for WordPress, and I’m not in any respect ashamed. I love WordPress and apply it to ALL of my own best websites.

Of path, there are different platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Bandzoogle, and lots more I’ve probably missed currently to be had to brand new indie band. But the reality is none of them presents the convenience of use, seo strength, and complete band website manipulation like hosting your very own SEO WordPress band subject.

Why Should You Be Using a WordPress Theme for Your Website?

We each know just how hard it’s miles to make it within the world of track, so your band internet site must NOT be a place that you spend too much time disturbing about. You DO need to have a professional piece of online real estate you may, without difficulty, share with fanatics and people elusive track enterprise types. Still, it’s not something you’ll need to think about for any greater time than is sincerely important.

Of course, your band internet site needs to affect site visitors. However, it’s plenty more essential that it be easy to use, replace and connect with all your social media sites. WordPress SEO basics band subject matters permit you to accomplish this and much extra. And we both realize that including within the complexities of search engine optimization to a band website is probably extra than enough to make any musician’s head spin, but the WordPress, SEO settings platform, makes managing this so smooth that now not taking gain of this super tool to your song marketing and band promoting efforts is an unforgivable sin.

The 5 Most Common Website Mistakes:

1 – The use of Flash-based total web site design. WordPress internet site themes are tons greater person and search engine optimization friendly.

I don’t see many flash websites nowadays, but do NOT recall this a choice if you’re new to the sport. Flash is a killer for search engines like google and yahoo, and cell telephones.

2 – Hard to examine web sites. Using inappropriate history colorations.

Your band website has to be easy on the eyes. A band free small business website should be designed to be easy to study, clean to discover, and easy to move.

Three – Hard to locate or to lack touch paperwork and approximately pages.

Make it clean in your lovers to get in contact. Let the folks that come to your web page recognize extra approximately you. Create a level they may not forget, and who knows… They will love you for an entire life.

4 – Stagnant and stale content.

Rare updates and little to no information on your band; otherwise, you are currently working on. WordPress reading blogs make updating your band internet site clean. Updating your music and occasions may be as clean as typing up a letter in Word.

Five – Lack of readability, reason, and cognizance. No clear motive for lovers to dig deeper into the band website hosting and domain.

A WordPress band subject matter’s basis is constructed on WordPress. Its structured content material system is straightforward to control. The WordPress platform has been designed for clarity, the use of categories and subjects, and powerfully built-in search engine optimization functions to make your life smooth.

Using a WordPress Band Theme Can Help You Eliminate the 5 Most Common Website Mistakes in web design tools.

I’ve listed the five maximum not unusual band website errors that manner too many musicians are still making. It’s extraordinarily unlucky. However, those mistakes can be hurting your tune enterprise and band merchandising efforts, so I’ve taken the time to observe every mistake in more depth and show how you may counteract those problems with the use of a well-designed WordPress band internet site topic.

Once you apprehend how critical having your own band website is on your music advertising and brand advertising efforts, I’m positive you will choose a WordPress band website topic in an area of your existing or destiny band web sites.

Mistake #1: Flash Based most popular websites

Did flash change into once cool proper? Well… Sure and no. Whenever I’ve discussed the complexities of using Flash on a band website with net builders, it’s become a heated war. On one facet, we have the “cool” issue, and on the other, we have got the consequences of negative seo and ease of use issues for customers. Not to mention the restricted application on present-day cellular telephones. I’m satisfied to mention that only a few website developers presently use this layout platform.

WordPress band internet site themes commonly do not include any Flash at all. Most designs are easy, fashionable, and person-pleasant. There are many very cool WordPress band website issues on the market as a way to extra than please both you and your traffic. Plus, the web page loading velocity and ease for enthusiasts and song industry visitors must make your selection to use a WordPress band internet site theme fairly clean.

Mistake #2: Hard to Read Websites. Inappropriate Use of Background Colors

This one is unforgivable. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that purple textual content on a green background is hard to study. I pull no punches with this one. It’s just undeniable stupid. If it is hard to examine your content, no one’s going to stick around long enough to realize how fantastic your music is. Don’t make this error. Ever! It’s a lot simpler to paste to the regularly occurring popular darkish text on a white historical past. This ought to be black or dark gray on white.

Of route, you could attempt out some exceptional color mixtures like a dark brown on a mild beige, and that may work for you too. My point is… Do not make it tough for traffic to examine your content. The internet is speedy. If you can not hook a traveler with something attractive in 10-15 seconds… They are long past. Make your content material tough to examine, and you do not have a hazard. Of course, WordPress band topics are not the best, and there are some band internet site designers out there who – to be completely blunt – are clueless. However, most band internet site subject matter designers observe modern-day web requirements pretty nicely, and odds are their coloration schemes could be exactly what the internet site health practitioner ordered.

As with all things, observe your gut; however, by no means spoil that golden rule of making the lives of your band website visitors as clean as possible.

Mistake #three: Hard To Find or Missing Contact Forms and About Pages

Have you ever been dissatisfied that you couldn’t discover a manner to contact that band you like? Or the band supervisor to e-book them for a gig? What if you’re a song industry executive and need to lease them and use one in all their songs for your movie assignment? Wouldn’t that suck if you were the artist who ignored out? You wager it would!

Unfortunately, this happens too regularly.

Far too many band websites fail to encompass a touch machine, and these artists are doubtlessly missing out on a ton of cash and work due to it. This is any other one of those unforgivable sins. Again, with a WordPress band website theme, you may not worry about this.

Most WordPress band website themes include an approximately our web page right out of the box, so it’s only a count of placing the best data approximately your band and bio, and you are exactly to go. Plus, there are ways to easily put in plugins for the WordPress platform that this is certainly a no-brainer. A brief search for the proper WordPress touch form plugin, and you may be taking booking requests very quickly.

Mistake #four: Stagnant and Stale Content. Rare Website Updates.

This isn’t always cool at all. Imagine in case you were a fan returning to your favored band website time and again simplest to be disappointed by their apathy in the direction of keeping you entertained and informed on what they’ve been as much as. Not cool at all, right?

Of course, all of us remember the fact that Joey… Your net developer cousin may not replace that difficult to manage antique faculty HTML band internet site. However, this is an easy fix.

Please switch to a WordPress band topic and keep your self the grief and problem of getting to either pay someone or wait endlessly for them to help you out. WordPress is arms down the easiest gadget to learn and use on the subject of your song internet site updates. If you can write a letter in Word, you can replace your band website subject matter.

And consider… Clean content approach repeat visits and better search engine effects. Get this taken care of… Brief!

Mistake #five: Lack of Clarity, Purpose, and Focus.

A band internet site without motive is no higher than a black hollow in the WebSphere.

I can compare internet content material platforms till the cows come domestic. However, the reality that WordPress band websites help you organize your content a lot better with the aid of categories and tags is one of the number one reasons I’ve been offered on them for over a decade.

Having said this, not having a clear and definitive vision on what you’re looking to achieve along with your tune website is assured of having you spinning your wheels… No income, no listing constructing… No money.

It’s certainly that simple.

Although your band website might be in a position that will help you arrange your content, it cannot help you find a reason on your band website. It’s on you and your band friends to determine this one out. The accurate information is that I’ve got a few starter thoughts for you.

To start, you’ll want to construct a list. WordPress band subject matters can help with this… Without difficulty. Most band issues have a clean to apply plugin you could drop in and presto, instantaneous list constructing.

Next, you will need to sell your song properly? Again… A band subject matter permits you to with this too.

Connect you’re equipped to go WordPress e-commerce plugin to PayPal, and you are off to the races. Heck, maybe you even want to let fans know where your subsequent gig is going to be. This might be useful, no? Yup… You guessed it; there may be a totally cool plugin for this too, referred to as “Gigpress.” It’ll have you hooked up and geared up to tell the sector in which you’ll be performing right away.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a WordPress Band Theme.

The bottom line is which you, in reality, cannot pass wrong the use of WordPress to your internet site. I’m sure you may tell, I love this platform for my web sites, and as I cited in advance, I use it almost completely. Although there aren’t a big wide variety of band websites geared to bands and musicians, a simple seek in Google for “WordPress band website subject matters” will have you up and walking with an enterprise fashionable subject speedy.

So pass in advance and get commenced these days. Be sure to replace your website with the powerful WordPress platform. You’ll love the ease of use and simplicity when running on keeping your lovers and the music industry updated for your band and track journey.

If this hasn’t responded to your questions about how to avoid the five not unusual website errors, or in case you can not have the funds for a WordPress band subject matter at this point to your profession, make certain to down load our FREE Band Website Landing Page at Catsask Magazine. It’s higher than having nothing to represent your online presence till you can get your very own WordPress band theme up and walking. Plus, you’ll also benefit from instantaneous entry to our Marketing and List Building for Musicians electronic mail series and education videos as properly.

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