iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone to Track iPhone and Keep Your Children Safe


Would you rather be secured and protected or sulk in guilt later? This article is for you if you are an alert individual or a business representative who understands online security. Phones are expensive, data is priceless, and identity theft cases are on the rise. Internet Security is the biggest concern now, and there are now numerous ways in which security can be compromised. Primarily, the following are the causes that are giving us sleepless nights:

iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone to Track iPhone and Keep Your Children Safe 1

But, you don’t have to worry anymore! Introducing an application that can help solve these issues all using one Mobile application. Introducing iKeyMonitor, the most trusted and sought-after solution for tracking the online activities of users. It is the ultimate monitoring app for parental control.

iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone – Introduction

Available for iPhones, iKeyMonitor is a keylogger for iPhone that keeps an active watch on the users’ mobile activities. Whether it is recording the keystrokes entered, recording voice messages, and capturing these mobile activities’ screenshots. This application is a complete solution for closely observing the user’s activity on an iPhone.

The App is used as a parental control for iPhone, iPad, or Android. The iKeyMonitor app is used to monitor calls, clipboards, voice messages, photos, videos, SMS, GPS, chats, Websites, keystrokes, screenshots, block apps, and games, and can be used to limit screen time.

Various Messenger apps like Hangouts, Tinder, Facebook, WeChat, and more can be monitored or blocked using this application.

Features of iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone

There are various salient features offered by the iKeyMonitor app. Let us read and understand some of the top features, such as:

Limit Screen Time with App Rules

With the ever-increasing time we spend on our phones due to all the addictive chatting apps and social media, it can become frustrating to watch children or employees wasting considerable time on their phones. This can be precious study time or expensive corporate time. If you are worried that your children or employees are spending way too much time on their mobile phones, you can limit that using iKeyMonitor. iKeyMonitor helps limit screen time with different time rules.

Block Illegal Apps or Just Unwanted Apps

Sometimes people around you can get addicted to apps and surf apps that can compromise your child’s security or even your business. iKeyMonitor’s state of the art programming takes care of this. You can block app usage using the app and be assured of keeping your child safe from predators and your business integrity being compromised.

iKeyMonitor with Jailbreak or No Jailbreak

You can try the iKeyMonitor with Jailbreak or No Jailbreak to block apps and games. You can learn the feature comparison of jailbreak and no jailbreak spy from the website.

Log Keystrokes Typed on the iPhone.

Anything typed through the virtual keypad can be logged in using the iKeyMonitor app. Other apps can only monitor activities, but this app can track the keystrokes typed.

Chats Recorded

This spy app records all the chat conversations for you to monitor the user’s activity. Any chat that raises suspicion can help you take action sooner than later. The various chatting apps it can track are Facebook, Twitter, Email, Skype, WeChat and so on.

View Screen Activities

To minimize the time required to view the activities and to see the logged activities effectively, iKeyMonitor provides a slideshow feature to view the activities.

Remote Viewing

iKeyMonitor allows users to view the private data logged remotely. You can choose to view logs locally on the device, in a LAN, or remotely by online cloud account, email on via FTP.

Multiple Language Support

Whatever be the location, whatever be the country, iKeyMonitor provides multi-lingual support to record keystrokes in your native language.


The app offers a lot of advantages, starting from a free trial to keeping your children and business information safe. Some of the top advantages of iKeyMonitor are:

Free Trial

iKeyMonitor understands the user’s needs and thus offers a free app trial for 3 days. After the trial, you can get the license and never worry about the surfing activity of your children, employees, or anyone you want to monitor.


The app keeps track of the activity on your phone in a discreet and tamper-proof mode. You can track what your children or employees do on their iPhone or iPad.

Keystroke various activities

The iPhone keylogger can be used to target everything done on the target iOS devices, such as:

  • SMS Messages
  • Call History
  • Mobile Key Logger
  • Automatic Screenshots
  • Websites Visited
  • Voice Messages
  • Social chats
  • Surrounding recording

Try and Buy

After hearing so many good features and advantages, you might be wanting to download and try the app. You can download the trial version here and give this iPhone keylogger a shot. Click the Download Free Trial button on its website to download the trial version app.

We are sure you are going to love the experience and the security it brings to your life. You can buy a monthly plan or switch to a cost-saving yearly plan. Check the latest pricing plans that suit your needs and pocket now.

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