Five Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Replacement Windows

Windows comprise an integral part of every home. They act as a clear passage of letting in the natural light and fresh breeze and providing clear views of the outer world. Because of the windows, you get to enjoy solar heating in the winter, insulation against heat loss, and an effective barrier against sound. Hence, giving them proper attention and maintenance is essential.

A steady window-care routine is required to keep your windows in good condition and extend their life span. Also, considering the temperature fluctuations, rain, dust, and debris that take a toll on your windows throughout the year, this high amount of wear and tear can be well-handled with the help of the following mentioned tips:

Replacement Windows


Carrying out cleaning regularly helps keep your replacement windows from deteriorating and becoming difficult to operate. Dusting the sill, frame, glass, and track area with a damp cloth helps remove the accumulated dirt and makes your windows work efficiently for years. However, one thing to be careful about is not using excessive water to encourage your wooden windows to rot due to moisture.


You should undertake a detailed inspection of your windows every season, especially after heavy rainfalls. Check for any signs of rot or moisture infiltration that may have happened due to seal failure and replace it to boost your windows’ insulation capacity. Further, evaluate the condition of your weather stripping and make arrangements for the worn-out ones. Also, search for any visible gaps between the window casing and wall and re-caulk it as required. Don’t forget to add a touch of paint to the peeled-off areas.


Wooden and metallic window frames need to be repainted every few years. This is required to restore their appearance and protect them against weathering damage. But ensure that the windows are properly cleaned before painting, and you use only waterproof paints. Be extra cautious of not using paint over moving parts or a shut window. Otherwise, the window will get stuck.


Believe it or not, the longer you address the problems, the quicker the windows deteriorate. That is why window experts suggest that homeowners attend to cracks, holes, and splinters as soon as they see them. Then, look out for the bad wood and fill in the gaps and holes with epoxy putty. Checking out for any damaged frames or cracked or broken glass and getting them repaired/replaced by window replacement contractors is also mandatory to prevent injuries.


Windows that use a track or roller to open or close must lubricate these moving parts frequently. You can use furniture polish for that purpose. Don’t use silicone spray, as it can affect the other plastic components. However, if your wood windows are newly installed, they will take some time to stabilize and may not need the lubricating oil often.

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