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How to Optimize Your Site for Mobile Search

These days, lots of people search for the things they need using their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. If you want these people to find your website as quickly and easily as possible, it is important that you know how to optimize it accordingly. Here are some tips for optimizing a site for mobile search.

How to Optimize Your Site for Mobile Search 1

A Responsive Design

One of the best ways to go about optimizing your website for mobile search is to ensure that it is completely responsive. When you make sure that your website has a proper layout for mobile users, you will drastically increase people’s ability to find it when using Google and other search engines. Therefore, a responsive mobile design is critical.

Utilize AMP

By using Accelerated Mobile Pages markup, you can boost your site’s ranking in search engines for mobile users quite significantly. In fact, this is one of the more effective techniques for those who want to get their website noticed by users of all platforms. AMP HTML uses custom commands, which in turn results in more dynamic content for those who are using a mobile device to access your site. A lot of people have jumped on the AMP bandwagon, and you should seriously consider doing the same.

Compress Images on Your Site

Believe it or not, simply compressing images on your website could be enough to improve your site’s visibility for mobile users. Compressing the images on your site will also significantly speed up its loading time, which is important as Google pays close attention to website loading times. Studies have consistently proven that visitors click away if a website takes too long to load. Your visitors want high-quality images, but they won’t want to wait too long to see them, so it’s important that you compress the ones you put on your site.

Drop Flash

optimizing your site for mobile search is by getting rid of Flash altogether. While Adobe Flash used to be a big deal on the internet years ago, things have changed a lot since then. Sites that use Flash are slow to load and incredibly hard for the search engine spiders to crawl.

Use Google Tools

Google has quite a few tools that could be very helpful for you when it comes to optimizing your website for mobile search. Google has extensive information in Webmaster Tools, so check it out, and you can even search according to the platform you are using.

Professional Services

There are also services that you can pay for from various companies. If you want to make your website a success, leave it to the professionals. Visit to get more information on SEO services and how they can benefit you and your company.

It is more important than ever to optimize your site for mobile search these days, and there are lots of ways to do so. If you want the millions of people, who search on Google to find your website with ease, follow the steps outlined above.

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