The Important Roles of HRM in Developing Manpower Skills in Business Organization

Human resource management HRM plays an important role in developing workforce skills working in the business environment. Every organization needs a Human Resource Department where the HR personnel takes care of employees’ development to perform better and deliver better output. Some organizations also hire a Human Resource consulting firm for the development of the workforce. The consulting firms undertake several techniques to enhance the working power and performance of the employees.

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It is a fact that without workforce skills and good performance, the development of the organization is difficult. In this case, skill development programs give the employees the perfect training to perform better and deliver better.

Let’s talk about some major roles HRM follows to develop workforce skills in business according to the organization :

Training and Skill Development Programs

This comes into one of the most important roles of HRM in a business organization. According to the schedule, the HRM department keeps the flow of training and skill development programs in the organization to learn new things, share knowledge, and give more quality work.

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal evaluates and examines employees’ performance throughout the year, and it gives an idea to both employees and organization authority how well the employee is performing. This also ensures what changes are needed. Performance appraisal helps to improve employees’ performance so that they can give quality results to the organization.


A positive and fruitful environment is essential to work better. So it becomes a vital role of the HRM department to give a healthy work-life to the employee. Health work life in a sense, healthy work environment, availability of basic resources like refreshment, toilet, cleanliness and all. This motivates the employee to give more and be better with this desire; they always look to develop their skills in every aspect.

Workforce planning

A hen can fly, but not in the sky. This is a matter of ability how much an employee is capable of handling specific or multiple projects. If more workforce is required, HRM hires more workforce to handle a project or divide the project into employees.

Motivation and Rewards

Encouragement and recognition are important if you want someone to work dedicatedly and give more quality to work. An employee feels like a machine when he works throughout the working hours, delivers quality results but does not get any rewards in return. In this case, the HR department plays a vital role by giving rewards like salary hikes, awards, bonuses, incentives, appreciation, promotion, and other monetary benefits. This helps the employee do more better and do better; he will definitely look for sources from which he can develop his skills.

Certification and Extra Courses

Several multinational companies offer certification programs and courses to learn and develop their skills with the job. These courses are related to their field, where presentations and lectures are provided during the weekend or after working hours to develop the skills. These all come under the supervision of the human resource department.

The above is the human resource management department’s major role where employees get proper sources to develop their skills and feel free to learn and progress professionally. Every organization hires professionals to look after the Human resource department who deeply understand employees’ needs and what factors and practices can develop their skills most efficiently and effectively. The development of the business organization directly depends on employees’ working power, so it is perfectly proven that employees’ skills decide the future of the organization.

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