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Top Trending Auto Brands: The Hottest Makes and Models for 2017  

There may sometimes seem like there’s little rhyme or reason to it, but certain cars trend while others stay out of the conversation. Meet the latest for this year, and learn a little bit more about them. Then decide for yourself whether they’re worth the hype or not!

Model 3: Tesla

This one is probably the least mysterious car of the bunch. Featured on practically every car show and magazine, Tesla has long been known as one of the most coveted brands to own for its ingenuity and forward-thinking design. Unlike other cars who may say they think big, Tesla cars are like experiencing the future. But alas, the prices make them difficult to own. So when the Model 3 came out at a very budget-friendly $35,000, you can imagine that this car was talked about (and ordered) in massive quantities. There are also New York green driver incentives you can take advantage of with this car.


Civic: Honda

Stepping down the futuristic vibe to something a little more practical, the Honda Civic has ranked at #1 for early 2017 car sales. While the Honda Civic design may be built for the sensible, it doesn’t mean that it’s not fun to drive. Smooth on the road with decent acceleration and fun extras; there’s a reason why it’s done as well as it has. It’s not just the safety and reliability of this car, but its size, fuel economy, and even a little bit of attitude.

Soul: Kia

Kia continues to make its way up in consumers’ minds everywhere, so it’s worth keeping an eye on what they do. As more drivers conclude that what they’re buying is worth the price, the car company continues to upgrade whenever and wherever they can. This year, the Soul is even more sophisticated and attracts buyers who want both fun and space when they hit the road.

Titan: Nissan

Trucks are still the bread-and-butter of American culture, and Nissan has been trying to break into this market for a very long time to varying degrees of success. But their persistence has kept them in the running, and the Titan seems to be helping to pull them out of the middle and into the upper echelons. Nissan has even teamed up with Blake Shelton to further their new options, including more cabin space and horsepower.

Camry: Toyota

Much like Honda, Toyota has become synonymous with cars that go the distance. The Camry and Corolla have continued to tempt buyers with their good resale values and reputation for being well built. Many people looking for a car can drive until infant sons and daughters take their turn behind the wheel; it’s not hard to see why this car continues to trend in a big way.

Chiron: Bugatti

Fast, expensive, beautiful: top celebrities dream about driving behind the wheel in this car. However, the trending nature of it is still undeniable. Known for breaking records in both speed and price, the Chiron is certainly something to strive for. Whether you own it (or even drive it) is somewhat beside the point.

Whatever you drive, whether it’s ‘trendy’ or not, it’s worth being safe behind the wheel. Speedsters and snails alike can benefit from a course about defensive driving or traffic school. These refreshers do more than just rehashing what you already know; they teach you techniques to stay sharper and calmer when on the road. Even better, they can take points off your license, reduce your total insurance payment, and keep you out of trouble with those pesky police officers.

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