Why Are Water Dispensers Highly Popular in Commercial Establishments?

Commercial establishments have a larger number of footfalls. Installing a filtered water dispenser is a simple solution to ensure that all those coming there have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Here are a few reasons why water dispensers are popular in commercial establishments.

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Prevents Water-Borne Diseases

The bacteria and virus easily propagate through water, spreading water-monsoon. Installing water dispensers in commercial establishments will ensure that consumers will be largely protected against such diseases.

Moral Responsibility

Making clean drinking water available to people working in commercial establishments or to those who visit the place for various purposes is an aspect that makes the site rank high in providing the necessities.

Boosts Confidence

Integrating a water dispenser with a cleaner on the premises boosts confidence in the commercial establishment. It gives them a feeling that their health is a priority for their organization and cares about them.

Peace of Mind

Installing a commercial water dispenser in any commercial place – a restaurant, hotel, school, office, or university dining hall – gives you complete peace of mind. You can be sure that the water you’re offering is pure and filtered, free from all contaminants that can jeopardize the health of workers, patrons, students, or teachers.

Keeps Hydrated

A person requires at least 7-8 glasses of water to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. This requirement can increase with more physical labor. Generally, people do not consume two glasses of water daily when working in offices or air-conditioned environments. If a water dispenser is placed such that it is visible to them, they tend to pour themselves a glass of water and gulp it down once in a while.


Having water dispensers in offices also work in favor of the environment. Tap water is mostly contaminated and cannot be used for drinking. In the absence of water dispensers, people have no other choice than to buy bottled water. Once they drink the water in it, the plastic bottle virtually ends up in landfills. If you have a water dispenser at commercial places, you can prevent plastic usage by keeping reusable glassware or recyclable paper cups.

Saves Money

Water dispensers supply safe water free of cost to anyone visiting a commercial establishment. On the other hand, a one-liter water bottle costs a minimum of INR 20. While it may not sound much if you have to buy once in a blue moon, buying daily results in unnecessary spending, especially for those employees who belong to the low-income group.

These are a few reasons why water dispensers are popular in commercial establishments. It’s high time commercial places realize the importance of dispensers and install one on their premises if they still haven’t. Installing a water dispenser is no longer an option but a basic necessity at such places.

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