Chargers Join GALvanize to Empower Women in Sports

A year ago, Emmy-award triumphing sports activities broadcaster Laura Okmin added her GALvanize Bootcamp to the Bolts for the second time because of 2015.

But a late closing month, the 1/3 time was the attraction, as Okmin and her organization came to Hoag Performance Center for the second consecutive 12 months.


GALvanize is an application Okmin based in 2012 that offers boot camps, workshops, and media education to seasoned sports activities gamers coa,ches, and women desiring to have careers in the sports activities broadcasting industry, like the 22 newshounds she brought together with her to L.A.

Okmin paired every reporter with a rookie. In some cases, The businesses spent the day interviewing one another and eating lunch together earlier than the women interviewed their associate one-on-one in a proper, seat-down setting. The procedure of getting to know every different is of the utmost importance to Okmin and significantly benefits each reporter and player.

“It’s gold,” Okmin said. “I continually reflect onconsideration on simply how excellent it might be if each reporter and each player, earlier than they were given caught within the most unnatural, uncomfortable role of sticking a microphone of their face if they had an opportunity to take a seat collectively and get to realize every different. It’s no longer just the newshounds mastering the gamers; however, my favorite part of those sporting activities is (teaching) empathy. The reporters get to be interviewed by the players. I want the players to experience how awkward it is to steer a communique. It’s no longer as smooth because it appears to stand there, concentrate, and be part of a true communique. But I love while the girls must see how difficult it’s far to be inclined.”

Besides supporting her reporters to broaden their talents, Okmin’s final philosophy via GALvanize is to empower these ladies.

It’s a program going hand-in-hand with the Los Angeles Chargers, who’ve been true advocates of supporting women in the sports activities enterprise.

Chargers Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist Allison Miner is one of handiest six girl athletic trainers within the league and Chargers Executive Vice President – Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer, Jeanne Bonk, started with the crew in 1991 and has when you consider that gone directly to come to be one of the maximum-rating girl executives in the NFL.

“I suppose as an entire, having a possibility for those younger ladies and Laura Okmin to come into the Chargers, it’s amazing because our league (and our team) is inclusive,” noted Special Teams Coordinator – Assistant Head Coach George Stewart, who has acknowledged Okmin for over a long time. “Ladies are coaching (in the NFL); there are lady athletic trainers. In terms of having a situation where ladies can come into our building and feel comfortable, it’s extremely good and says a lot about our ownership.”

The Bolts opening their doors to GALvanize isn’t always lost on Okmin. After all, it’s one of the motives she maintains coming again to the Chargers.

“I can’t say this sufficiently, the manner that this constructing opens up the whole thing to us, and starts with (Head Coach) Anthony Lynn,” Okmin mentioned. “The way that they consider us with the learners and being within the constructing is pretty high-quality. It’s a privilege of a lifetime. We’re handled as a part of the team. There’s this kind of excellent belief. I appreciate the Chargers because it’s far the sort of privilege and any such first-rate opportunity for those women.”

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