A logo is one of the many elements that a company uses to create it’s own recognition in the market. It is one of the media that accelerates its growth and creates a personal relation between the brand and the individual. There can be various ways to define a brand. It has a name, design and symbol that identifies a seller’s service and makes it distinct over others. A brand is the image a customer has behind its back. There are different types of trademarks used to identify a business entity.

The identity of a brand roots from the need to create a distinguished product with unique characteristics. It represents how an organization wants to be perceived in the market. Brand is a bundle of mental and functional associations with the brand. Through this the brand makes a promise to its consumers. It can be perceived as a product, personality, values and the position it occupies in a customer’s mind. It is a feature of externally expressing a brand to the world. The identity should be futuristic but also in line with current trends, that is, it should reflect the durable qualities of a brand. It is a basic means of consumer recognition and represents the brand’s distinction from its competitors.



A logo is defined by a number of factors like, colour, design, contrast, visual symbol, taglines and/or a jingle. A logo’s specialty lies in simplicity. If there’s too much to focus, its hard for the target audience to recognize it. Flashy elements can take away the core objective of the logo – to represent the brand. It also needs to be seen where the logo will be used and how it will appear. The logo also needs to be updated, since even the best logos don’t last forever. Simple tweaks like change in typeface or using a cleaner logo are necessary, but enough to not affect its brand image.

What is the role of a shape? The subconscious parts of our mind respond separately to different shapes and that can be used to infer particular qualities about the brand. Circular logos create a positive emotional message and suggest community and unity, like Pepsi. Squares and triangles show professionalism and efficiency. They can also be used to imply balance, like Adidas. Lines, both horizontal and vertical are also used to make logos. Vertical lines show masculinity and aggression, while horizontal ones show calm, like IBM.

While going through the logo design process, it is essential to take necessary steps to ensure that crafting a design has the potential to drive brand recognition for a company. Whether its about launching a new company or a strong symbolic icon to represent the brand, a strong logo design is essential. Finding a balance between a logo that adequately highlights the value a company offers, while still being visually appealing can be difficult, but it can be accomplished.