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Top 3 Reasons To Use A VPS Hosting Service

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one step above-shared hosting. However, its capabilities are great, and businesses often remain with their adaptable service for a long time without switching to something more dedicated. Typically, a VPS can care for a growing company’s need for speed and resources for a basic package from as little as $19.99 a month. Extreme packages are available, harnessing 12 core CPUs, 24GB of memory, 1TB of storage, and 8TB of transfer. Read below to learn why a VPS is becoming the most popular server solution.

VPS Hosting

It Is Scalable

As a growing business, you’ll soon realize you’ll require more resources than a shared hosting plan can provide. Many companies recognize the need for a switch when their server lets them know they are using up too many of their allocated reserves – taking away from other websites on the platform. Dedicated VPS web hosting solutions give you diverse resources that can be modified (increased or scaled down) depending on your business needs. Because these servers are flexible, you can constantly boost your CPU, memory, and I/O. It is a server you’ll never outgrow.

It Gives Businesses More Control

Choosing a shared hosting plan may initially save your enterprise money. However, these plans give you very little control at the root level. The good news is, in recent years, Virtual Private Servers have become much more affordable. You can access the top-level directory on your website by choosing a VPS. You’ll never have to worry about load times, as other websites’ activities will no longer affect your online presence. The server also comes pre-installed with cPanel, allowing you to easily manage your accounts and emails. You can easily manage multiple servers and host websites and domains from top Canadian web hosting providers like Host Papa.


It Is Customizable – You Only Pay For Features You Want

With a VPS, you don’t have to spend on features you don’t find useful. This is often a concern for those who go one step further and purchase a dedicated server. This server only begins to be worthwhile when you receive over half a million visitors per month – and have the IT people to maintain it. Small to medium-sized businesses that get ahead of themselves get stuck with applications they cannot remove because a VPS with a competent and reliable host. With so many different-sized plans, you’re guaranteed to find a solution that offers you the online experience you’re looking for. Never will you feel stuck sharing resources or get overwhelmed by your options – it’s a server designed to fit your needs properly.

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