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Top 5 inexpensive website hosting with Free Website Builder

Building a website is not an easy process for a newbie, but with a builder’s help, you can build a business to a personal website within a matter of hours from scratch.

For those who are in college, it is tough to build one. But there are free website builders for students, which does not cost you a penny.

The tricky part is that website builder does not come for free-of-cost, but only when you don’t know about the inexpensive website hosting.

Top 5 inexpensive website hosting with Free Website Builder

There are plenty of affordable Web hosting services available. You don’t have a broken vault of your savings account because Best web hosting for business to come at affordable pricing.

You can opt for a monthly host web hosting package or so; it depends on your requirement.

We are going to help you find reliable website hosting.

*1 YouStable

YouStable is a hosting company based in India, which helps the low budget users to get cheap website hosting for their websites. The interesting part is that the hosting service does offer a free website builder.

You don’t have to compromise on the speed or space because it is a reliable website hosting company.

If you are a WordPress user, then you must give it a shot.

*2 InterServer

If you are low on your budget and if you want to save few bucks on hosting plans, then InterServer is a decent choice and a cheap website hosting service on the list.

If you need a Website Builder to get your site live, you can access it from the control panel.


*3 InMotion

InMotion is a popular site that offers only paid hosting services on the platform. If you are planning to get the eCommerce website hosting, then go for it.

Do not forget; they are also offering a free website builder so that you can get your site online faster.

Also, please keep this in your sticky notes; they provide support via calls or emails. They offer affordable Web hosting at lower prices.

*4 DreamHost

Not many people know, but they are a leading hosting service provider in many countries. They provide free Website builders for students on monthly web hosting packages to the users who want to save few bucks for the next project.

DreamHost is an award-winning company that is serving millions of customers all over the world. Their packages are reasonable for users who are looking for business web hosting services.

Give it a shot with the free website builder.

*5 LiquidWeb

The LiquidWeb is an inexpensive website hosting company that is underrated for some random reasons. Still, they offer reliable website hosting services for those who cannot afford hundreds of dollars.

LiquidWeb is offering cheap web hosting services since 1997, and they also have an advanced free Website builder for students.

When you look at the reviews from the existing clients, you will find one common sentence: “Best Website Hosting service” since 1997.


Companies like GoDaddy charges you every year for the website builder because of the lack of awareness. Now that you have five reliable hosting sites maintained by a group of professionals. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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