Years ago most of the governments had a fairly mediocre view of the Internet and did not create legal barriers for users and never collected their data. Same thing with hackers and malicious actors – with each passing years they invent new ways of stealing your personal data or even identity theft.

Today, surfing the world wide web can’t be that safe as it was before. If you want to return a full freedom on the Internet and get the additional level of protection, then you must certainly get a few insights on how VPN technology works.

What Will You Get With Using VPN

Installing just one plug-in or program will provide you with the following benefits:

  • You are on top of your own privacy, hiding the Internet activity from ISP, hackers and government.
  • You can bypass the censorship.
  • You can emulate your location and get access to services that are banned in your location.
  • You are protected from data leakage due to hacker attacks.
  • You can safely download file through p2p connection via EDonkey or BitTorrent.

What Are the Consequences of VPN

Your ISP cannot catch what you are getting and what you are sending via the Internet. The provider cannot see your data because it is encrypted, cannot track which websites you visit, because all Internet activity passes through the VPN server. Your ISP can only see that you are connected to a VPN server.

You go online with the IP address of the VPN server – if the VPN server is in another country, then you look just like a regular visitor from this specific country. In many countries using VPN and all sorts of anonymizers is prohibited by law and may lead to a fine. This is why we strictly recommend you to check is it is allowed in your current county of stay.

Not All VPN Services Are Useful and Safe

Before deciding to use any service, please note that not all VPN services have strong data security solutions and policies. You can save some money while using free VPN services, but only with paid options you can count on the best performance and data security level. Some VPN services, while having a good data protection, provide terribly low connection speed. And speed is crucial in 2018 because you could do nothing if you have a slow Internet connection. Imagine yourself trying to watch Youtube or stream videos through Twitch when you freeze for seconds if not minutes because of a slow connection. Yeah… That is why you need to use only well-known services and solutions.

What VPN to Choose For Your MacBook

There are plenty solutions if we talk about VPN for Mac. Most of them have pretty same functionality and stability so it’s more about which one you prefer than which one to use/not use. However, there is one solution you should try because of perfect stability and clean and user-friendly interface. It is called Shimo app and it is one of the most easy-to-use VPN solutions we’ve seen. Here’s a list of insights on this app and its features:

  • This solution has a built-in port forwarding that means you can direct different parts of your traffic through VPN or your regular Internet connection.
  • With AES 256-bit protocol you have industry’s best data encryption level alongside with two-level authentication option.
  • You can run a few connections simultaneously. This is a killer feature when you need to test your website from different parts of the world or have few different IPs for any other reason.
  • You can set rules that would manage the way your MacBook will manage connections. For instance, you can set it to connect to some specific country when you enter another.
  • No tech background is required to use this VPN solution.

As you can see, even a VPN app can have a set of features that would help you manage your traffic and data security better. Especially that feature with changing your IP depending on your geographic location or when to automatically enable or disable VPN.