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It seemingly came out of nowhere. One day, you’re hearing about the new sport, and then next it’s everywhere – new facilities are popping up, celebrities are talking about it and it’s even a regular feature on late night television. But unlike similarly explosive fads that came and went (looking at you, Harlem Shake) axe throwing has enough genuine intrigue and genuine fun to give it real staying power.

It also helps that it makes for the best party. Any party. Like bowling was to the 1970s, axe throwing is a good fit for just about any modern party you want to throw (wakes excluded, of course!) If you don’t believe it, just check out the following ways to easily incorporate axe throwing into your next party.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Axe throwing has become pretty popular with bachelor and bachelorette parties, for good reason. Friend groups tired of the same old bar bachelor party, who want to shake things up and make the night exciting, have been turning to axe throwing to fill that role.

When you book ax throwing for your bachelor party you get a private lane, instructions on how to throw an axe and then some private time to compete with one another. That spirit of competition (and looking completely badass) is what sets axe throwing apart from other, plainer bachelor/bachelorette ideas – plus, it’s incredibly Instagrammable.

Divorce Party

Okay, so it’s a little cheeky putting the “divorce party” entry right after the bachelor party entry, but divorce parties are a thing, and they’re happening more and more. When you think about it, axe throwing makes the perfect venue for them. You get to vent some frustration by throwing a weapon and watching it splinter into a wooden target. Plus, it’s a pretty liberating feeling.

Birthday Party

For much the same reason it makes a terrific bachelor party, it makes a terrific birthday party. Especially if it’s a surprise party, the relatively inconspicuous location of most axe throwing facilities, coupled with the size of the space itself, makes for the perfect “Surprise!” moment.

Teambuilding Party

No one wants to suffer through another boring trust-fall exercise. Those typical corporate teambuilding games are not only uninteresting, but they might actually work counter to the goal of teambuilding, since they foster a sense of group apathy. Axe throwing, on the other had, is engaging, and, through the process of communal skill learning and lighthearted competition, it brings the team together. Plus, it’s good for any age or fitness level, meaning that it’s inclusive.

Christmas Party

Finally, axe throwing just so happens to evoke an image of the stereotypical lumberjack, decked out in flannels and overalls, chopping down pines. This makes the game in keeping with the Christmas season. Have your friends (or colleagues, as the case may be) dress in ugly Christmas sweaters and overalls and take turns throwing axes. The winner gets their pick of the presents!

It’s pretty cool how versatile this new sport can be. Axe throwing may have come out of nowhere, seemingly overnight, but you can’t deny it’s an awesome activity to have around.