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More and more companies look for Microsoft Project server consulting as they figured out that this can be really good, just like the need to have proper employee training in place. Using Microsoft Project Server automatically means training is needed, but how can you choose something beneficial? This also links back to the advantages offered by the system, including those below.

Portfolio Management Customer Servicing

Project Server gives you access to a good centralized solution that helps manage and plan many projects simultaneously. This includes functions like centralized resource management, portfolio management, and capacity planning. You get access to excellent reports, which helps you easily increase overall efficiency.

Role-Based Solutions With Multiple Options

We are practically talking about a role-based tool that helps with project management. It makes it more effective and does wonders when it comes to faster decision-making. Absolutely all the project phases are supported, from brainstorming to management and execution. Simply put, projects are just so much easier to manage at all their stages.

Gathering Project Ideas

It is so much easier to gather project ideas through workflows. This is something that needs to be covered in Microsoft Project training. Everything starts with the use of data collection. Then, you start to use blueprints so that you can prioritize the right projects. SharePoint Designer and Visio can be utilized to create workflows.

An Integrated Portfolio Management

Different portfolio management functions will help you finalize your projects based on various criteria like resource availability, budget, and more. This is quite important since you can easily manage many different projects simultaneously, and you can focus on those that are more important for the business. You do not have to guess which one is more important. Data analysis helps you to figure out which one you should focus on quickly.

Project Web App

This will allow the user to create projects and then work on them through the Web App, a browser-based option. The Client version features computation logic. This is also available in the Project Web App. You can use the app to really quickly perform portfolio and report analysis. You have a centralized resource pool that offers you workload indications for all the projects you work on.

Document Storage Is Centralized And Standardized

With Windows SharePoint Server, you gain central and standardized document storage while added information updates are also available. Problems and issues will be managed through a proper individual project and task allocation. Basically, through this, the right person is always working on the right project task.

Mobile Device Optimization

With Project Online, you gain high flexibility to work on a project even if employees are not physically present in the office. You can easily store project data offline so you can actually keep working on your projects even if you are not connected to the server or the internet.

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