Quality Selection of MBA Schools Requires Careful Research

An MBA is one of the most in-demand professional degrees in the world. This postgraduate degree in management from a top-level institute could give an altogether new direction to your career. Graduates from top-level business schools are considered prized assets, and big firms pay top money to get them on their payrolls. However, it would help if you remembered that an MBA degree is a big investment of time and money. You may have to shell out close to 1 million rupees or more for this two-year professional degree program in management. This is why it is advised that a business school should be chosen with utmost care and consideration.


Good business schools offer a high return on investment, meaning you can repay your loans and the cost of investment in a fairly short period of time. On the other hand, low-quality B-Schools neither have the infrastructure or the faculty to offer quality management education to their students. An MBA degree from such institutes is not valued highly in the job market. The placement opportunities such management institutes offer are nothing much to write home about. Good jobs are hard to come by for graduates, and life becomes a constant struggle. Low return on investment means that paying off student loans and other expenditures become a headache-inducing task for students.

MBA Schools

In a nutshell, an MBA is a serious investment of time and money, which means you should be extra cautious while choosing your business school. Getting admission in a second-string school is easy but getting a good job after passing out from such institutes is extremely tough. It would help if you decided to take various factors and criteria in mind like the reputation of the management institute, the academic environment it offers, its faculty, and its placement record, among other things. If possible, you can visit the campus personally to get a better hang of the business school. Interaction with teachers and students there and seeing all the facilities and infrastructure with your eyes could give you a better idea about the academic environment the management institute offers. This will somewhat ease your entire decision-making process, and you can take a final call with some assurance that you are making a good career choice for yourself.


Finding a business school that fits closely with your career goals, attitude, skill sets, and aspirations is of paramount importance. You can contribute significantly to your own personal and professional development by taking admission to an institute that complements your skill sets.

It is important that along with the right ‘fit,’ you also carry out a deep internal assessment of yourselves to find out where your interests lie. Jumping on the MBA bandwagon because everyone else is doing the same is likely to be a tremendous waste of your talent and potential. After all, there is no point in enrolling yourself in an MBA program if your interest, for example, lies more towards studying law.

Also, MBA courses in Jaipur offered by a top-level business school will not significantly differ from an MBA program being offered by another top quality business school. Top business schools are more or less likely to have the same core courses, from which students can develop their business vision. It somewhat shifts the onus on students to make the most of their opportunity to study in a quality business school. Of course, top-level management institutes have world-class faculty and infrastructure to make the entire learning process as smooth as possible. In a nutshell, we can say that there is little difference between the two top level business schools; it is more up to you derive the maximum out of the program.

Some of India’s top management schools, including the much-coveted Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), offer admission based on your score on Common Aptitude Test (CAT). There are, however, some top-level management institutes that offer MBA courses without CAT. It means you have a realistic chance of getting into these quality business schools if you do well in other management entrance tests like the Management Aptitude Test (MAT).

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