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Tips to Hire A Security Guard

Hiring a security guard is not a simple task. You may need a security guard for your business or your home even. A security guard’s work involves preventing crime, properly inspecting the buildings to see if there are any safety hazards, moreover handling emergencies.

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A good security guard can give your employees as well as customers a priceless sense specifically of security. They can even allow you to save money by properly deterring theft and even letting you focus on growing the business you have.

Why Hire A Good Security Guard?

You may be wondering this question before you start the procedure of hiring a security guard. Be investing in your employee safety by hiring some security guard; this can enhance employee productivity, boost morale, and improve retention.

With a vigilant security guard, you can send a good message to people that you regard protecting the business you have seriously. It even provides you with the peace of mind required to focus on increasing your business’ growth.

A wonderful security guard can:

  • Patrol the company’s premises, particularly on a scheduled and random basis, to give a visible deterrence, check out for security breaches, and identify risks. These are all important.
  • Stay alert always, investigate any disturbances, and watch out consciously for suspicious activities and monitor surveillance footage.
  • The guard will react fast and effectively to emergencies, like fires, bomb threats, and criminal acts.
  • It can escort the employees to their vehicles when it is really early in the morning and late at night to stop theft and even violence.
  • They can detail any suspects, interview witnesses, plus relay details when needing to do this to the police.
  • Provide wonderful customer service by properly greeting visitors, providing guest passes, and even answering customer inquiries.
  • A security guard for the home can protect your family and property from any problems occurring due to burglars.

If you need help with these activities, then you should consider getting yourself a good guard.

Some Things to Consider When Hiring Security Guards

Now that you require a security guard, you should consider some points before hiring the agency. Continue reading on to learn more.

How Is the Agency Owned?

When hiring a security guard, you may need to look at the different security agencies present and pick the one you prefer.

You should check to see if the agency you are looking at is locally owned or maybe a national chain. You may want to consider hiring some locally-owned security company, a company which is like a small business itself.

When it comes to a small business, this can serve better compared to a national security firm. A small agency can pay greater attention moreover treat you in a better way. You may even have the boss’s phone number with you and not some number of a call center.

Check Their Customer Service

You will want to look for a company that places a priority on customer service. No doubt security is the most important point to consider, but customer service is also important.

If you see a company that does not have good customer service and does not consider it a priority, you should not hire them. You will want to contact the agency and get your questions answered whenever you need them to be answered.

You do not want to wait for much time for an answer. It is necessary that the customer service representative is active and can helpfully answer your queries.

What Is the Company’s Main Focus?

Consider whether security tends to be the company’s main focus. It would help if you found this out. They may regard security as being some add-on to other particular services, like cleaning, parking, and landscaping. It is better to hire an agency that specializes in the kind of security that you require.

When hosting some event that you need a security guard for, try and find an event security company.

If you require armed bodyguard services, then find one who specializes in this. You may be looking for warehouse security; if this is the case, find a firm with much experience in this area.

Are There Any Uniform Options?

Check to see whether the company offers any uniform options. Do they provide different options in uniforms that fit the occasion? They can be choices like police-style uniforms, polo shirts, t-shirts, suits and ties, and plainclothes.

When you find some company which only offers one uniform, i.e., the police-style having shoulder patches plus black striped pants, maybe, then keep looking around. This is unless this is what you think fits your requirements.

Know the Reputation of The Company

This is another important point to consider. Through Google, you can check to see what the company’s reputation is. Usually, complaints are first to the surface. It would help if you nevertheless refrained from limiting the research to only the keyword searches. You can consider ratings and review sites such as Yelp and reference social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter.

You can even ask the company if they can provide you with client references then speak with them to learn if they actually were happy with the work done. It would help if you had proper reviews and not fake ones of the company.

You can even ask trusted family and friends if they have been in contact with a good agency. The benefit of this is that they can give you an honest review of the company and how they felt working with them. They can even tell you suggestions of what to look out for and which company to consider.

You can even find out how the agency’s employees feel when working for the particular agency if you want. You can see how the company deals with its employees in this way. If you meet with some specific company representatives, you can get some feel concerning their attitude.

Will the Company Accommodate Your Requirements?

You need to see if the company will work helpfully with your schedule; this is mainly if it has varying hours. If the company is unwilling to accommodate you properly, it is not a company you may want to consider.

You should even ask if the company can supply short-term guards, like when there are holidays, for instance, or if it needs a long-term contract. A more flexible agency may turn out to be better.

Is the Agency Licensed and Insured?

The agency must give valid, current state licenses and show proof of insurance. It would help if you scrutinized the insurance to be sure that it will properly cover the situation that you are in. Types of insurance encompass workman’s comp, auto liability as well as general liability.

The Guards Should Be Well-Trained

Regardless of the company, you are thinking about, or the kind of service you require, hiring guards properly trained is necessary to the business’s welfare.

If you do not consider this, you take on the risk of having guards ill-prepared to handle emergencies and manage even routine tasks. You can ask what kind of training the company gives and whether it meets or exceeds state requirements.

The Cost of Hiring the Guard

Cost is significant. You should ask the company how often they will bill for the services rendered, i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Ask them if they will charge some flat monthly rate, uniform hourly rate for every employee, or some different hourly rate, particularly for every employee.

You should know that hourly rates may be better if you only require help seasonally, like some events or part-time. Know whether your business will need to cover the costs for uniforms, equipment, plus supplies. Will there be any add-ons that the agency supplies and that at no cost?

You need to know if the total estimated average cost for the month fits inside your budget.

Above are some points to consider when hiring a security guard. You can search the internet for different security guards in the area that you stay in, like a Los Angeles Security Guard, for instance. You can note down their complete details to contact them like:


  • “7080 Hollywood Boulevard
  • Suite 1100
  • Los Angeles, CA 90028
  • 323-924-0012


Security is something significant, and you need to have the correct individuals taking care of this for you. You want your company and its staff to be protected so that it is possible to focus on other important business areas.

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