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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is just around the nook – Samsung has discovered that it has a statement deliberate for a month, on August 7. But even though it will really be for the next Note handset, there may be a wearable system revealed at the identical time. In previous years, frequently at the massive electronics trade show in Berlin, IFA, Samsung has stolen the display with a new pill and a few wearable techs.

This yr, the organization has its personal event in New York, so is that where the following smartwatch will be found out and, in that case, what can we expect? Here’s the entirety we know to this point.

What will or not it’s referred to as?

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 1

Samsung has amazed us earlier than it looks like this version might be instantaneous comply with-up to the Samsung Galaxy Active released earlier this year and will, consequently, be known as the Samsung Galaxy Active 2. How do they arrive up with these names?

What will it appear like?

Leaked pix from Sammobile displays a very similar watch in layout to the modern-day Galaxy Watch Active, which itself is a touch smaller than a few different smartwatches from the organization and has a smooth round edge, now not the rotating bezel determined on a few earlier fashions.

The facet buttons are one round and one lozenge-formed, and those are the home button and back button, respectively.

Intriguingly, it looks as if the watch will come with a cellular version as well as a wi-fi handiest model. The cellular capability may be indicated, as it’s far at the Apple Watch Series four, with a crimson circular element on the button. Certainly, the leaked pictures show the purple element; however, it can be an ornament that indicates something else absolutely.


It looks as if the brand new watch will are available in sizes 40mm and 44mm, once more matching the said sizes of the Apple Watch Series four.

Special features

This is the good element about the rumors. If it’s proper, it will make the watch a serious competitor to the Apple Watch Series four, which is currently the maximum superior and capable smartwatch to be had.

According to the Sammobile, the second-era smartwatch will provide Fall Detection. If you take a tumble and mightn’t get up, the watch will understand and touch emergency services or trusted contacts.

It’s also rumored to consist of an ECG monitor, EKG, and Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) notifications, just like the Apple Watch Series four. It’s now not clear if a majority of these elements will arrive at the time of the product’s release for all territories as a few – together with the AFib notifications – will need FDA clearance within the US and through the European Union for EU nations (together with, at the moment, the U.K.).

For Apple Watch Series four, Fall Detection became available at release, but ECG monitoring came later.

The present-day Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has blood strain monitoring, although this has been met with mixed responses, now not least because there have been complications and caveats at release.

What does all this suggest?

Well, if every rumor is correct, it approaches that Samsung, already interested in health, has abruptly upped its game and created a smartwatch that’s a full-on health- monitoring device, which can be quite exciting.

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There is a growing difficulty whether Social Security advantages will be full to be had for destiny retirees. According to the Social Security Administration, the probable solution is NO.

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Baby boomers are the largest motive for the unsure future of Social Security. Too many child boomers retiring right now with depleted assets contributed to a Social Security funding deficit. This is referred to as the “trickledown impact.”

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Questions To Ask Yourself

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