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The laws and concepts of a century direct the civilization of that century. Laws and concepts govern principles and ideologies that influence the operative dynamics of a century, human advancement, societal evolution, and revolution.

The laws and concepts of a century underlined determine and define the operative dynamics of that century, human and societal operations concerning life’s demands in virtually every area. Without hypothetical laws and concepts, humanity is compelled to operate as blind horses without governing principles and ideologies to order her operation.


Laws: I define laws as principles that underline or describe the governing operative dynamics of a century, human and societal advancement, and operation to demand. Professor Mbuya Divine of the Nation Builders Institute describes laws as major pathways with resultant consequences. Ashu Solange, a Nation Builders Institute student, describes laws as fundamental principles that govern life.

In a nutshell, laws determine human and societal operations. There are four types of laws: human, natural, Divine, and social.

Human laws: These are principles or stipulated standards made by men to order the behavior of individuals and to determine the operative dynamics of a setup, society, nation, or the world. Human laws may take the form of rules and regulations in a design. While in a community or country, human laws may take the form of constitutions of government, legislation, or judicial opinions.

Natural laws: These are forces operating in nature defining the universe’s operative dynamics about the earth’s demands. Natural laws are equally known as universal laws, e.g., the law of gravity.

Divine laws are absolute principles that govern existence and determine life’s flow, rendering obligatory the consequences of cause and effect’.

Divine laws are constants, and they remain unchangeable with time. Any attempt by men to ignore them must result in terrible consequences. One of the differences between human and natural laws and Divine laws is that human and biological laws can be altered concerning time and progress in human civilization, but Divine laws are unchangeable. They are constants and absolutes in every generation.


Social laws: These principles underline the governing operative dynamics of a century concerning human progress and operation, societal evolutions, and revolutions. Social laws determine the operative dynamics of a century, human processes, productivity, and improvement, and affect societal development in all domains. Principles are the principal requirements for a positive revolution. They are settings for life occurrences.

Concepts: These are bodies of information or ideologies capable of influencing the governing operative dynamics of a century, human progress, societal evolution, and revolution.

Concepts form the base of human mentality, ideas, and notions that shape every generation’s civilization.
Concepts are ideological in their characteristics. They define human operations in a century, human progress, societal evolution, and revolution. There are both negative and positive concepts.

Negative concepts: These are humanistic ideologies and notions based on selfishness and inhumanity. Individuals and societies propagating negative ideas are characterized by undemocratic, autocratic political systems or religious and sectarian extremism. Examples of some negative thoughts are terrorism, communism, Nazism, anti-Semitism, ethnic cleansing, etc. Negative images have never contributed to advancing the cause of human dignity and civilization. They have inspired inhumanity, violence, and all forms of human degradation.

Positive concepts: These are quality and positively inspired information or ideologies capable of enhancing human character, value, operation, and productivity and affecting societal evolution and revolution. Positive concepts are products of mental illumination and regeneration. Great civilizations owe their breakthroughs to positive concepts, products of illuminated and regenerated minds.

For instance, the Pilgrim Fathers concept based on Divinity, human dignity, freedom, and democracy is the foundation of the greatness of America. The combination of positive laws and ideas has enhanced human operations, productivity, and progress in civilization in every generation.

Social laws and concepts govern principles and ideologies that define the operative dynamics of a century, human progress, societal evolution, and revolution.

This research work is centered on unveiling the social laws and concepts of the 21st century to direct and coordinate this century, its human operations, societal evolution, and revolution. The idea and dynamics of a century: A century is 100 years within a millennium (1.000 years), and there are ten centuries in a millennium. Ten decades make up a century.

According to the millennium concept, every first century in a millennium is the leadership century of that millennium, and every first decade of a century is the leadership decade of that century when the laws and concepts that have to govern the operative dynamics of a century have to be expounded by Dr. Benard Etta.

According to the law of every day’s provision, every century has its operational dynamics relating to a century’s unique challenges, responsibilities, opportunities, privileges, and possibilities. Laws and concepts determine, underline, and define the operative dynamics of a century. A century’s politico-socio-economic and scientific dimensions are indebted to the quality of a century’s laws and concepts.

A century with positive and quality laws and concepts will inevitably result in positive revolutions in that century’s politico-socio-economic and scientific operative dynamics and dimensions, and vice versa. Laws and ideas influence the entire governing system of a century.

Humanity is destined to progress with time in terms of its mental, physical, spiritual, and social demands. Human progress is the progress in human development and civilization. Human progress is relative to human development, which is the foundation for human society. All the breakthroughs of a generation, be it political, social, economic, scientific, technological, etc., are related to human progress.

Human progress is not an accidental occurrence. It results from well-applied principles and policies rooted in a people’s social laws and concepts. No people can progress beyond the quality of their social rules and images. Social regulations and concepts govern principles and ideologies that define the operative dynamics of a century, human progress, societal evolution, and revolution.

Human progress is evident in human operation quality, productivity, and impact on life’s demands. Quality and positive knowledge, ideas, inventions, innovations, creations, and discoveries are all human progress products. Humanity can never fulfill its destiny in stagnation. Human progress is not an option but a necessity for productivity and fulfillment. In the absence of human progress, life becomes a burden and a whole system of frustrations.

For human progress to be evident in the 21st century, humanity must discover the social laws and concepts that govern its operations, productivity, and impact. This is the purpose of this research work.

Societal revolution: Societies were to evolve with time of human demands. No society can
accommodate its increasing human demands from a stagnant position. Social laws and concepts are the governing operative principles and ideologies through which societal evolution is possible. Societal evolution is the progressive development of societies in their structures and operation systems to human demand. Human demand is the trigger to societal evolution.

With everything being equal, people grow with time. It is difficult for a society to accommodate human demand at the same development level in the present and future. Thus, societal evolution must be relative to the human market per time. When societies fail to evolve with time and human needs, they attract revolts, civil wars, or any disorder and instability.

Societies characterized by instability and all forms of disorder have failed to progress with time and human demands. When societal evolution can no longer meet the increasing demands of human development, a society needs a positive revolution to survive.

Societal revolution: This process redefines, transforms, and alters the structures and systems on which society operates to the increasing demand for human development. Societal revolution is the only option for societal survival and progress when societal evolution fails to meet the increasing human demand.
Revolution ushers in a new order as a positive solution to societal instability.

For a societal revolution to occur, there must be a discovery of new laws and concepts to inspire change in the dynamics of societal operations about time and human demand. Societal revolution is a constant requirement for societal progress. It embodies new principles, policies, and ideologies to shape, reorient, and transform the governing structures and systems in which a society functions. Thereby enlarging the community to accommodate its new challenges.

In summary, social laws and concepts are the principles and ideologies that define the operative dynamics of a century, human progress, societal evolution, and revolution. A change in social laws and concepts is a change in a century’s operative dynamics, human progress, societal development, and process. Thus, humanity and societies are governed by the quality of their principles and ideologies.

To redirect the civilization of the 21st century in a positive direction, there is a need for humanity to expound on quality and positive social laws and concepts as instruments of change. This is the purpose of this visionary work.

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