How do Cyber Security Companies Ensure Your Site is Secure?

As increasing numbers of companies take part, or all, of their business online, the need for protection from hacking and other cyber threats becomes paramount. Having a safe website means customers are more likely to be loyal and the company successful. With this in mind, here we ask, how do cyber security companies ensure your site is secure?

Penetration Testing

A reputable cyber security company will offer a range of measures that can be implemented to ensure a website is secure. One of the first things to be done is to assess just how secure the site is currently and to do this penetration testing is required.

Penetration testing simply involves experts trying to hack into your website, from outside and from inside the company network. Doing so will expose any weaknesses, which in turn can be “patched” or in layman’s terms repaired. Once the testing is complete, a report will be written up that detail how robust the system is.



Managing and Monitoring

A comprehensive cyber security management company will also be able to manage and monitor a company’s website to ensure it remains safe and secure. This involves factors such as conducting scans and making sure security patches are kept up to date, along with firewalls and antivirus software. The cyber security company, generally speaking, will do all of this from a remote location – the security operations centre.

The security operations centre can also be used as a base from which to monitor a company’s website and wider IT system. Alerts will be triggered if there are any signs of unusual activity, for example, if someone is trying to compromise the system via an entry field that is present on the website – an SQL injection.

Incident Response Service

Any activity that could compromise the security of the website or the system can be responded to immediately by an incident response team. Many cyber security management companies operate 24 hours a day and so the companies that use their services have the peace of mind that someone is always on standby, ready to respond to a threat.

In addition to protecting your data, this type of 360 degree protection will stop all manner of attack including infiltration by hackers wanting to use your system as a proxy for sending spam emails and from being used as temporary storage for illegal files. So, for many companies who rely heavily on their website and IT systems, recruiting the services of a cyber security management company is invaluable.

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