4 Tips For Avoiding Messes With Kids

When it comes to being a parent, it’s no secret that it can be a messy job. Between spills, stains, and accidents in their pants, it can be easy to spend an entire day cleaning up after everyone.

GtingGetting all of your to-do’s done can be challenging when there are so many messes to clean up throughout the day. However, it’s possible to keep lots to a minimum by following the right tips.

4 Tips For Avoiding Messes With Kids 1

The key is stopping messes before they even start. Here are some of the best ways to make sure that happens.

No Food or Drinks In The Car

One of the places that most parents agree is the biggest trouble area for messes in the car. The back seat can quickly look like a junkyard with remnants of old banana peels, unidentified encrusted objects between the seats, and melted lollipops in the cup holders.

Caring for your car can become an endless chore, with the little ones constantly destroying it. However, the best way to avoid these messes is not to allow food or drink.

Plan your day so the kids eat their meals and snacks before and after getting in the vehicle. You may have to organize your time a little more, but it’s worth saving yourself the stress of cleaning the mess afterward.

Use Sippy Cups

When the kids are drinking liquids, always make sure that they are using a sippy cup. Even the oldest of kids can have accidents now and then. Giving them cups that ensure that if they drop their cup, it will be contained and not spill outside the container.

All it takes is one spill to ruin an entire couch or carpet. Sippy cups are a godsend when it comes to avoiding stains.

Everyone Must Eat At The Table

When kids are allowed to wander freely around the house eating and drinking, it creates bad habits that result in big messes.

It’s best to enforce the rule of only eating and drinking in designated areas like the table.

Creating this rule not only sets you up for fewer messes, but they will have better manners in their older years.

Always Pack Baby Wipes

You never know where messes can strike. Carrying a pack of baby wipes around to have the tools on hand at any moment is essential.

You can easily store baby wipes in your bag for quick access in a pinch when you don’t have a sink.

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