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Tips For Buying Golf Clubs Online

There are lots of opinions regarding buying golf tools online – what to do, what now not to do, in which to buy, were now not to buy, and many others. The shopping for guidelines in this phase is an aggregate of my non-public reports, remarks in golf forums, and research. I hope (and expect) that they will be something in right here to help you get what you want for the right rate, with as little hassle as feasible.


One of the quickest and simplest methods to get the first-rate fee is to keep around…Very easy to do at the net. Also, do not be afraid to invite the internet to rate it, especially on large-priced objects, including complete units and new drivers.

Here are a few different approaches to shop:


You can look around online for the best rate or take the lazy way out and use charge assessment sites. On those websites, you input the information of the golfing membership(s) you’re looking to buy, and they’ll return a listing of online shops selling it with the charge. It’s no longer continually smooth to understand whether you compare apples with apples, so these sites are often just an excellent starting point to slender your options.


Many, if now not maximum, online golf stores allow you to (beg you to!) signal up to an ordinary e-newsletter. While you don’t need your inbox filled with unsolicited mail, in case you’re selective, you can get a few excellent reductions and special offers.


I signed as much as The Golf Warehouse newsletter and changed into inspired with the fee and frequency of their cut-price gives, such as free delivery.


Most online golfing stores provide discount coupons every so often (or all the time). Usually % off or unfastened transport. There are some approaches to take advantage of those coupons:

o, Visit Coupon Sites: Some sites offer a list of all online shops offering reductions via online coupons. money bargains are one such website where you may locate discounts for discounts or unfastened transport for many online golf stores (incl. Austad, Pinemeadow, Callaway, The Golf Warehouse, and TaylorMade)

o Use Google: you could locate the golf equipment you need online; however, earlier than ordering, visit Google and enter the vendor’s website with the phrase “coupon” or “promotional code.” You can be able to get a discount on your purchase or delivery prices or each.


Some websites give you cash again on purchases from quite a few online golf stores. The basic model is that these websites ship customers to online golf stores and get a commission for doing so. Instead of maintaining the whole commission, they share it with you (the consumer) in the shape of coins returned. It depends on the program. However, you’ll commonly get hold of the cash lower back by taking a look at sure intervals, e.g., month-to-month. The cash lower back isn’t always big, generally between three%-eight%, however better than not anything!

Here are a couple of applications you would possibly want to study:

o ebates.Com – includes Edwin Watts Golf, Pinemeadow Golf, Golfsmith, and Golf Outlet USA

O bing.Com/purchasing – BING is a fairly new search engine with Microsoft’s aid, incorporating a cashback program. Cash again percentage seems to be a touch higher than other packages. For instance, you can get 12% cashback at Golfsmith. Other online golfing shops that are part of this program encompass Callaway Pre-Owned and Golfballs.Com.


Before you ‘proceed to check-out’ in your new set of clubs, make an effort to examine equipment evaluations online. There are many sites offering critiques on golf clubs, and a number of them are genuinely objective! I choose the evaluations from no longer simplest industry professionals, but actual golfers who’ve sold and used the clubs. Golf forums (inclusive of the ones mentioned above) are a good location for straight speaking views on golf clubs. Here are a few websites which can be really worth checking out:

o Golf Review – masses of critiques/remarks from golfers who have bought and are gambling with the golf equipment

o Golf Magic – proper section on gadget critiques, with feedback from industry specialists in addition to discussion board individuals

o Golfalot – the exceptional range of golf membership evaluations, many with video reviews as well

o Golf WRX – a forum phase devoted to devising critiques. Educated, sincere and impartial perspectives


Muscleback or Cavity again? Performance Improvement or Performance Enhancement? Before you start looking too carefully at unique golfing clubs, it is critical to understand what type of irons are appropriate in your recreation. There are main classes of irons, ‘muscle back’ (sports enhancement) and ‘hollow space returned’ (recreation development). They’re referred to by numerous other names; however, we’ll stick with those for now.

Muscleback Irons

Muscleback irons are so-called because the greater weight is placed on the back of the candy spot at the membership. This produces a longer, straighter ball trajectory if hit in the middle of the membership, in the candy spot. Because the maximum load is centered around the sweet spot, photographs that are not hit pure are tough to hide…..They’ll be shorter and with an unpredictable trajectory. Muscleback irons are extra proper to lower handicap golfers, who can benefit from the greater sense and workability of the irons.

Cavity Back Irons

Cavity returned irons are just that; there may be a hollow space behind the center of the club, in preference to the mass related to the muscle back irons. This design distributes weight across the head’s perimeter, producing a larger candy spot and, therefore, more margin for mistakes. Off-middle pictures are more forgiving, generating an extended, straighter ball flight than off-middle pictures hit with a muscle back iron. Cavity again irons are more acceptable to center/excessive handicappers, looking for greater consistent consequences from their photographs, in preference to painting the ball.

If you’re a single parent handicapper, you could need to bear in mind muscle-back irons. However, don’t forget this…….Slightly extra than half of the professionals at the USPGA excursion use cavity back clubs. Sure, they’re custom made to healthy their sport. However, there are incredibly few execs who sense the muscle back is better for their recreation. If you’re on the fence, you have to probably take a set of each out to take a look at a run! Alternatively, you can look for a fixed of irons that can be a move among the muscle back and hollow space again – the Titleist Forged 695CB is the sort of membership with the feel of a muscle back with a number of the forgiveness of the cavity lower back…..It is had a few good opinions as nicely.


Some humans wouldn’t even recollect shopping for golf clubs everywhere else; however, in a retail keep, in which you can get nicely equipped. I can understand this view; it is critical to get golf equipment that can be proper for you. That’s now not always smooth to do when you are buying online…..How do you ensure that you get the proper shaft duration, shaft flex, lie perspective, grip size, and so on?

Club fitting might be one of the biggest boundaries to people buying golfing clubs online, so it is now not sudden that online stores are investing in the era to make online fitting viable.

Here is a handful of shops with online fitting systems…...Assume others to observe:

o PING Web-Fit – shaft flex, shaft period, grip size however NOT lie perspective

o Golfsmith SmartFit – shaft flex, shaft length, grip length, and lie perspective

o GigaGolf eFit- shaft flex, shaft period, grip length, and lie angle

o The Golf Warehouse – affords online fitting for a few brands/fashions only

o Odyssey Putter Fitting Tool


One of the biggest troubles with shopping for golf equipment online, particularly golfing clubs, is counterfeit equipment originating broadly from China.

eBay is notorious for selling counterfeit devices and is the region to work out the most warning. I wrote a piece of writing at foundgolf.Com about warding off eBay scams, so I might not go into too much element right here.

Here are a few popular pointers:

o Buy handiest from massive, widely known online stores

o; use golfing forums to ask for a recommendation if you’re worried about the authenticity of something. GolfWRX.Com has a forum section known as ‘deal or no deal’ in particular to help human beings discern whether or not something is actual or fake.

o Don’t simply buy a new device from eBay; there are masses of alternatives online

o Reconsider shopping for used on eBay – there are also many online shops selling used equipment, with warranties and a returns policy

o; check out the producer’s internet site for statistics about counterfeit interest. Some offer tips on what to look for while shopping for their system online


While the price is vital, there are other elements to consider whilst buying golf equipment online.


Just because you’re buying online doesn’t suggest which you should not count on true customer support. Look for online stores that have a number you can name and/or electronic mail you can use to invite questions, and so on. All of the larger shops may have humans you may communicate to, and also you must count on to speak to an equipped and informed workforce.


Make certain that the online keep you are buying from has a no questions asked returns coverage. Online golfing outlets are aware that many people aren’t cozy with buying clubs online, so offer a ‘trial length’ (e.g., 7 days) for the duration of which you could go back the equipment and get your cashback. This gives you a danger to take the tools to the driving variety and try it out. Some online stores will offer money lower back best if the system is in unique packaging. Look for the ones that allow you to attempt the tools and return them if you’re no longer satisfied.

Remember that you’ll put on the fee of delivery if you want to send the equipment lower back.


Even if your golf clubs are closely discounted at an internet golfing save, the price of delivery might also negate any savings. It seems obvious. However, many human beings suppose they’re getting an excellent deal until they get to the checkout and spot the delivery costs. Look for unique gives for discounted or loose transport and also do not forget shopping for from an online shop that ships from your vicinity.


Buying used golf clubs is not for every person, the number one reasons being (1) that they had been made for someone else, so aren’t going to be appropriate for them, (2) they’re vintage era, (three) there is no warranty; and (four) there may be no returns policy.

These are legitimate worries if you’re shopping for on eBay out of your average seller, but there may be no reason why you cannot have the same peace of mind shopping for used as you’ll with new……..With a bit attempt and some not unusual experiences. Here are a few recommendations for purchasing used clubs online:

o, Determine your measurements so that you can make sure you get clubs that fit your needs. Go to one of the websites cited above for a web fitting.

o Find out from the vendor what duration the golf equipment is, the shaft, grip length, and lie attitude. If they cannot tell you, then do not buy from them……Unless you’re glad to take a punt on getting the right in shape

o, Buy from an online store that has a formal inspection and score shape for his or her used golf equipment. For example, Callaway Pre-Owned has separate scores for the membership’s grip, shaft, face, sole, and pinnacle.

o, Stay with the better-acknowledged manufacturers. Lesser acknowledged names are not necessarily worse clubs whilst used, but the craftsmanship that is going into, for example, Ping, should convey over to used golf equipment.

o, Don’t assume that you can not get a guarantee or returns policy on used golf equipment. See Section 2 above for online shops that offer warranties and returns policies.

o, Consider paying a touch greater for peace of thoughts. You may get a higher price on eBay but recollect the risks.

o Keep in mind that woods with alloy heads are more liable to aging than steel woods because the alloy is softer

o Before you purchase those used golf equipment, look at how much they may be selling for brand spanking new. Occasionally, it’s feasible to pick out a brand new set for much less than used as online shops may also heavily bargain older stock……Worth a quick take a look at.

If you can not, or don’t need to, purchase a new set of brand name golf equipment, I reckon shopping for used from a recognized online store is the next high-quality thing. You’ll get comparable terms to new golf equipment, and you can ensure that they’re the proper fit.

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