Why Your Internal Communications May Not be as Secure as You Think

Most companies understand that high-quality cybersecurity protection is not optional in the twenty-first-century economy if you want to build a sustainable business. With an array of threats facing businesses of all sizes, ensuring that your organization’s data is protected is essential if you want to avoid an embarrassing and potentially ruinous data breach or hacking scandal.

While only the highest-profile hacks make the news, small businesses have increasingly become popular targets for hackers using ransomware, which holds companies hostage, and malware, which steals valuable information relating to passwords and bank accounts.

Despite the gains made in educating the public about the importance of cyber-security, however, the vast majority of small businesses are still vulnerable to a range of different attacks. In many cases, this is because they are not taking sufficient care with their communications protocols. In particular, too many companies still rely on unencrypted email and SMS even when conducting important business.

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The Hidden Dangers of Email and SMS

Email, like text messaging, has become such a ubiquitous part of modern life that most people don’t really think about how it actually works. Even if someone understands that their work email may be more protected than their personal Gmail account, this doesn’t always mean that they take care to avoid using their Gmail account for work-related business.

In reality, it takes an experienced hacker mere minutes to access a private email account, and once in, they can easily harvest any passwords or account details sent using it. With this information, they can access everything from cloud credentials to private webpages.

From here, the effects ripple out rapidly: all it takes for a company to become critically compromised is for one careless employee to send a password over email.

Encrypted Messaging: A Safe Alternative

The vulnerability of email and SMS is the reason why your company needs text encryption to avoid virus and hacking attacks. Fortunately, there are ways to protect internal communications that don’t inhibit a company’s ability to use instant communication tools.

For example, the innovative integrated messaging platform from ChatMail Secure allows businesses to manage internal and external communications through encrypted smartphones that use PGP encryption and cutting-edge Elliptical Curve Cryptography.

With ChatMail smartphones, employees and managers can send chat messages, image messages, voice messages, and handy group chat and anonymous group chat tools. Where other encryption platforms require significant training to operate effectively, ChatMail is designed to be easy for everyone to use.

Generating new keys, managing tamper-proof passwords, and setting automatic message deletion times can all be done with a few clicks. With ChatMail, you don’t need to be an IT expert to have world-class encryption at your fingertips.

Cybersecurity has been consistently listed as one of the most significant threats to global business in recent years. Many businesses have been slow to adopt tools that have been proven to offer real protection against cybercrime.

If you are still using ordinary email and SMS tools to handle internal communications at your business, make switching over to encrypted smartphones from ChatMail this year a priority.

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